Merlon’s Master Creation Cummins Speed Boat

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600 HP Tarva V Drive Cummins Speed Boat, Built by Merlon Johnson at Old School Garage

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34 Responses

  1. The Truth says:


  2. 123456 789987 says:


  3. Joss_FPV says:

    Ram on water

  4. chainsawearl says:

    rolling coal on the water, man that thing has instant snap. a thing of beauty great job and the fuel mileage must be pretty good compared to gas

  5. Richard Caro says:

    I want it

  6. AmpEdition says:

    So much torque you could pull a tube at 90 lol

  7. pvcarmon1 says:

    That Merlon is a mad scientist!

  8. Joss_FPV says:

    And it’s a 2500

  9. Prince Christophe says:

    Dear Santa

  10. Ha Pham says:

    Dã quá giá khoản nhiu z a

  11. Fred Baron says:

    I suspect he's on and off the throttle the way he does to avoid doing the engine in dissipate heat between throttle ins that's some Fierce turbo pressure to create 600 horsepower from The Legend I mean just listen to that turbo Scream

  12. heat cliff says:

    Put that shit in the water

  13. kevin c says:

    I think the smoke signals he were sending read send help I'm sinking

  14. loxahacefig aronald says:

    Now do that with a AIRBOAT! Then you'll have something! How much H/P?

  15. Iuri Merlini says:

    Useless pollution

  16. Anak Jalanan says:

    Cummin 6bta? How much hp?

  17. andrew allen says:

    Asshole rolling coal.

  18. BULE TERNATE says:

    Waw Amazing… Like
    Suport beck

  19. Trey Rich says:

    i like this

  20. DOS.putin says:

    Good job boys!

  21. darold zink says:

    Boat…..500 lbs. Engine….. 1300. Lol

  22. darold zink says:

    SMOKE ON THE WATER!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ruben Jr. says:


  24. A P Developments says:

    Euro 6 anyone. LOL.

  25. Леонид Моргунов says:

    Бешеная хуямбула!

  26. Scotty Jones says:

    If ya like smoking so much stop peddling engine n set fire too few old tires n back of ur boat ??

  27. Hello hello hello !!!! says:

    10 pandas just died ha ha

  28. Lee Richardson says:

    absolutely awsome!!!!!

  29. tomshiba51 says:

    You would need a scuba tank and mask to ski behind this.

  30. Brett Miller says:

    I love starting my 5.9 in the morning would be awesome to have a 5.9 in a boat…..

  31. Brett Miller says:

    This boat makes my dick hard

  32. decentbeadle 313 says:


  33. Bob Jinkle says:

    That two stroke has really dark smoke

  34. im thefuckinglizardking says:

    Catherines Landing Lake Havasu <3
    Is that 90mph with a 4bt?

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