Mendenhall Glacier Helicopter Tour (360 Video)

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Get to the chopper! …And get an aerial tour of the Juneau Icefield. Land on Mendenhall Glacier and check out this natural wonder.

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15 Responses

  1. Camiel van der Peijl says:


  2. Sly Sawyer says:

    That dude scratching his nuts, though…

  3. alexxis73 says:


  4. TV상쩡규 says:


  5. Masood Jalal says:

    I am not getting it in vr ..Need help…

  6. Kate ThreeThree says:

    I'm trying to get this to work on cardboard help

  7. the double dropper says:

    How is this possible…….its a utube video………….wow……..

  8. Simony Bear says:

    So cool I haven’t seen this in and discovery it for a while

  9. Romanatwood ninja says:

    Nice vid

  10. Darryl Drax says:

    The people standing on the ice looked to me , like it was a green screen backdrop .
    Thanks for the info

  11. Pumpkin0330 titi says:

    Unfortunately this footage isn't clear at all

  12. ssm the cat says:

    2:04 now that looks like a toy

  13. Tenzin Tselha says:

    I should be studying for finals but here I am

  14. Ronney Hernandez says:


  15. The jg guy says:


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