Martin Garrix & Florian Picasso – Make Up Your Mind

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Martin Garrix & Florian Picasso – Make Up Your Mind
♫ Burn Out with Justin Mylo is out now:

Please enjoy my track Make Up Your Mind with Florian Picasso:

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26 Responses

  1. Andrew WithNoLife says:

    Happy Birthday Make Up Your Mind

  2. Ivan Medina Figueroa says:

    This genre is?

  3. KAMUSAGI says:

    chinga tu madre……………. chingate solo……

  4. Park jiminnie says:


  5. yunuen lopez paulino says:

    Pense que decía inga tu madre inga tu madre

  6. jun jun says:


  7. William Escalante says:

    aleteo gringo xd

  8. GeometricalPro says:

    i heard: ''make up your mind, make up your sauce''

  9. trường vũ says:


  10. Azalia Estrada says:

    Love you Martín Garrix

  11. patty lu says:

    Sitting at work listening to this makes me want to get up and boogey.

  12. ALAN MOLINA says:

    2018 ?

  13. phượng duy's gaming says:


  14. yanna arte says:

    my dream, to participate in something like this. I'm a plastic artist.

  15. Arianna Becerra says:


  16. Trident Remixes says:

    The people who don't like the drop are the same people that listen to music though shitty earphones

  17. miguelito 000 says:

    algo anda mal en la canción :v

  18. Placid Music says:

    only 2 years after release and already my all-time-favourite!

  19. david Zelaya says:


  20. Elektronica says:


  21. Zhou Ching long says:

    When you've listened Picasso's old songs, then you listen this again. I think it is not weird. I don't know why, just love it

  22. Zhou Ching long says:

    Intro is cool but drop is….you know

  23. kadikiss says:

    Kinda Prodigy.

  24. Rocio Ruiz says:

    Wtf…. The drop

  25. Franco Lj064 says:

    Like si lo escuchasa en el 2019

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