Los Angeles Fire Department Sky Crane Tanker Fire Helicopters – La Canada fire 2009

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Los Angeles Fire Department Sky Crane Tanker Fire Helicopters refilling in the Verdugo mountains while fighting the 2009 La Canada fire. August 27, 2009.

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44 Responses

  1. Emerio Manzano says:

    Hey look it's windlifter

  2. Manius Bahabol says:


  3. Grisha says:

    I know this is a very old video but the title is totally false and it's at least 10% not even helis but some silly shots of an idiot hanging off of a wall over the spillway*? or something. Probably a stolen video anyway.

  4. Paul David baron Von Weenraid says:

    Hummm, a helicopter with a penis.

  5. basant vimal sharma says:

    Orange Dragonfly quenching thirst

  6. Hassebilder says:

    10 000 L 🙂

  7. John Munz says:

    First of all LAFD doesn't own Skycranes. That's Erikson Helicopters out of Oregon on USFS call when needed contract for forest fire resource order to assist LAFD

    Second as a retired wildland firefighter it was a pleasure to work with these big birds on the fires I was assigned to across our beautiful country.
    Third for 2018 guys and gals be safe we don't need to lose anyone over an acre of forest or grassland. Remember the grass and trees grow back we don't.

  8. AUSSIEbattler96 says:

    Wait when did elvis get sent there?

  9. Vartilak Novehestum says:

    Watch out girls and Gays, That thing Looks like an alien dick!

  10. kodibass says:

    +Barcrrt ,  Yes U R spot on mannnnn,     The best of the Best Bro,,,,     !!!,    kodi

  11. PetToon2013 says:

  12. Irene Shaverdian says:

    that fire was in my city but i wasn't near it

  13. georgie sonymusic says:

    California needs two 747 tanker

  14. firelensman says:

    Looks like a "bouncy" ride to me, fun to watch…

  15. Reynaldo Filho says:

    If it had a bucket installed in the helicopter of these, besides being safer, it would be faster supply and consequently the fire fight, very poor design, with pumps bringing more weight to the aircraft and less effectiveness.

  16. minhhai kim says:

    That look like a miscital!

  17. Bob Pruett says:

    Reminds me of a horse I once owned…

  18. Jonathan da Mata says:

    O cara é muito fera no pairado .

  19. Elly Magoke says:

    Iko vizuri

  20. Mean Gyrene76 says:

    2600 gallons of water in a few seconds….

  21. C OC says:

    looks like the second sikorsky pilot struggled so much,they forgot to close the door of their water tank .

  22. Bubbagreen Smith says:

    I built these for Erickson Air-Crane back in the 1980's they are a work horse!

  23. Isaac OLEG says:

    very delicate, and long …bravo to the crew

  24. Bob A Booey says:

    Those don't belong to L.A. City Fire, they belong to Erickson.

  25. Dragon21Studios says:

    Those totally look like dragonflies!

  26. wesley mccurtain says:

    likes this..

  27. Manoel Beserra de Lima says:

    Muito bom

  28. Matt S says:

    1:24 why the need to zoom in on the rotors?

  29. Johnny 112400 says:

    What a beast…. Only one side of audio works tho..

  30. Douglas Gee says:

    The first one is an E model, the second is an F model, looks like 2nd  one had a fairly new pilot

  31. kimmer6 says:

    That's up at the end of Haines Canyon in Tujunga, Calif. My old stomping grounds.

  32. Carsten Hansen says:

    This is how Nemo 2 could start. :p

  33. Barcrrt says:

    Thank God for the flight crews operating these awesome machines. They are true American heroes…

  34. John Hintz says:

    These Were a Welcome Sight During the Fla Wildfires of 1998..I wish they had Them in Yellowstone in 88..We had Plenty of Tankers For Sure…i Think I saw a Wyoming Air National Guard converted KC-135 tanker…all the water in the world..B-)

  35. Shelley Gaudreau says:

    Man that is one big chopper.

  36. Mustafa Tas says:

    Nasıl yangın vah vah vah

  37. Mustafa Tas says:

    Nasıl yangın vah vah vah

  38. SelSun83 says:

    Looks a bit like a mosquito

  39. Moto Kun says:


  40. Clarksons says:

    So if these choppers crash with a tank full of water, they wont catch fire right? 

  41. COYOTE Interceptor says:

    look the copter is having a piss

  42. Ryan Lewis says:

    Reminds me of an elephant penis

  43. ZEZERBING says:

    Those things are hung like a horse!!

  44. Thomas Moritz says:

    4;20, I loled

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