Linville Gorge Helicopter Rescue

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EDIT: the distances on the first slide were estimated using Google Earth. Actual measured distances are 180 feet horizontal, 120 feet vertical, for a distance of 215 feet along the slope, give or take.

Rescue of an fallen hiker below the NC Wall.
Skip ahead to:
1:30 first rescuer lowered to ground
2:00 basket lowered out of helicopter
3:10 Helicopter returns for pickup
4:00 helicopter hovers over injured hiker, ready to hoist

And then the battery died 🙁

Thanks to the agencies that responded: BCEMS, BCSpecial Ops, Burke Rescue, Jonas Ridge, Chesterfield, Enola, George Hildebrand, Lovelady, South Mountain, Linville Central Rescue, Station 55 (Lovelady), Mitchell County Mtn Rescue was enroute but didn’t make it, McDowell Rescue assembled a crew but didn’t make it, NCHART, NCOBS.

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2 Responses

  1. Nick Gordon says:

    Where you part of the group that had the injured party. I think this was Shug and Hickories group. Here is the video they posted of the accident.

  2. nohill4climber says:

    Thanks for posting this Mike. I'm sure glad all you guys were there with Jeremy.

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