LEGO Technic 42092: Rescue Helicopter In-depth Review, Speed Build & Parts List [4K]

Views:5894|Rating:4.79|View Time:11:39Minutes|Likes:318|Dislikes:14
Chapters for your convenience:
00:38 – box and unboxing
02:18 – pieces in new colors
02:26 – parts list
02:37 – speed build
05:35 – functions
06:17 – impressions
10:13 – final note

‘LEGO Technic 42092: Rescue Helicopter’ Unboxing, Parts List, Speed Build & In-depth Review by Sariel’s LEGO Workshop

Review, unboxing, parts list and speed build of the LEGO Technic 42092: Rescue Helicopter set | Released: 2019. Pieces: 325. Building time: 40 minutes. Price: 29.99€.

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29 Responses

  1. Fabiwalker says:

    It's already available in germany.

  2. Jack PD brick world says:

    nice set! Thank you for sharing

  3. Kade Brown says:

    Neat that both rotors spin!!!!
    Maybe if you put a micromotor in it with an extension wire to an external output?

  4. TheFoxBlocks says:

    Im a fan of LEGO also, nice job on the video

  5. Herbert The Duck says:

    Nice music 😉

  6. Rathori Khass says:

    Wow, this is smooth it almost doesn't look like a technic set.

  7. john wick says:

    What set will you be doing next?

  8. Lego Weapon Builder says:

    When will you uploaf videos on youre scond channel sariel reviews!? Great review by the way!

  9. Bolshevik Bear says:

    Plz do the IS 2 cobi review

  10. xXtroller13Xx says:

    8+/10 very good set

  11. Marvin R says:

    a little tip for people interested in the B model:
    flip the rotor blade pieces around, and use one of the 4 leftover technic stud pins to secure it to the wing.

    the instructions tell you to put them in upside down, but then it'll be loose and ugly.
    flipping it around makes the wings more streamlined, makes them less floppy, and reveals the stickers on the tips for some extra detail.

  12. Hunor Humorzsák says:

    Do you enjoy making these review videos?;)

  13. J B says:

    Nice! A modell with again blue seats!

  14. caosoftware says:

    looks like the 8068 O_O

  15. Mr Pertti says:

    Can u make b model

  16. Yolarist says:

    People who disliked this are the remaining 10% of male population…

  17. I.M.blader 11 says:

    I wish I could buy that

  18. Mich 04 says:

    I really like they completed the bottom, unlike the 9396 rescue helicopter, that had almost no floor

  19. jjthedrunk says:

    Needs windshields

  20. Miłosz Antas says:

    Przychodzę do domu a gu taka niespodzianka

  21. Nicola Dallo says:

    what do you think about the b model of the corvette? can you make a video about this??

  22. xedx 81 says:

    42min ago 11:09

  23. Diego Meutgeert says:

    I give it a 9/10

  24. magmacrafts 11 says:

    i wish there were power functions for this… so I'd give it an 8.5/10

  25. joão pedro della valentina says:

    Pawel, I watched the video "10 LEGO Power Functions Tricks You NEED To Know" and I know how to control more than 16 motors independentely by remote control. Do you wanna see it?

  26. Marcin Nowak says:

    9/10, brak narzekania, że znowu w większości biały statek :/

  27. Pocket Crafting says:

    Nice Video, Pawel!

  28. Paweł Turalski says:

    Ogólnie będziesz jeszcze kiedyś nagrywał B modele?

  29. Michael Wade says:

    i actually like this, just wish the landing skids and tail portion were more substantial

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