LEGO Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit review! 75928

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33 Responses

  1. The Man on The Moon says:

    I love the set it’s my favorite one this wave but I think I’ll put the blue from the last movie I don’t really like this new version

  2. Master brick builder 2 says:

    This is my favourite 2018 Jurassic world set

  3. Matthew Feldman says:


  4. Collin Elliott says:

    I have this Lego set

  5. Artifact Plays Velez says:

    This is the best JW:FK set.

  6. Matthew Kinnee says:

    I have this

  7. Sanic da headshot T says:

    I'm going to get this one

  8. Josh Derr says:

    Im getting this 1

  9. Smoov Operata says:

    Nice nice

  10. Andrew Glebus says:

    "The Utahraptor style claw" Or you know velociraptors also had claws like that but you know thats fine too

  11. Victoria Pascual says:

    Should i get the game or this set? Both 29.99

  12. Josh McMillan says:

    I’m getting it

  13. Luke Stevenson says:

    Lego jurassic world- cartoony for kids
    Lego fallen kingdom- realistic for any age

  14. Kelli Anstey says:

    my grandma will get that set for me on my birthday or cristmas

  15. Jordan Tube says:

    At target it was 69 dollar at Kmart 59 went for k mart and used me discount card

  16. Phyllis Ratliff says:

    If it said ingen on this it would be great

  17. PyroGYT •Gamer says:

    So mini guns are Nerf Vulcan? XDDDXD

  18. kamila czaja says:

    In poland it costs 270źł

  19. Sellout Studios says:

    This kind of looks like a S.H.I.E.L.D helicopter

  20. Merk lol says:

    Just picked this one up in my local target for $20!!

  21. Cypress Partida says:


  22. Kevin Huffman says:

    not close to the movie

  23. Rowlet Studios says:

    This is a weird question but which one is better the velociraptor chase or blues helicopter pursuit

  24. adr_iian says:


  25. Jaxson Vlogs JP says:

    Hey I know this set has nothing to do with this set but does anyone know if the T. rex can fit a figure in his mouth

  26. Levi Hubbard says:


  27. Levi Hubbard says:

    Cool set hang Ima get it

  28. Chris Schultz says:

    Definitely will buy this my next pay check

  29. Agent Andy says:

    In Walmart this cost 30 dollars

  30. silent ninja says:

    I got this for my birthday the only thing i think is missing is that the helicopter should have had more passenger room

  31. Nerdypants 05 says:

    The thing that always makes me skip these sets is the weird coloring on the dinosaurs.
    Like why is the raptor a bright green? He should be a light or dark grey with some blue thrown in.

  32. M Lau says:

    That helicopter is blue.

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