Learning Air Vehicles Names & Sounds For Kids Learn Airplanes, Jets, Helicopter

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Published on Sep 30, 2017
Learn Air Vehicles Names & Sounds For Kids. A Fun Video to learn Airplanes, Jets, Helicopter, The Blip and others forms of Transportation in the sky.

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35 Responses

  1. ជួន ជា says:


  2. Learning Tv says:

    Nice Learning Air Vehicles Video for Kids to Learn Airplanes . Big Like & New Friends here.

  3. plushed up videos. robloxian general says:

    A drone is not a vehicle are you kiding me you stink

  4. Christos Papachristoforou Sventek says:

    Gta 5 planes mostly…

  5. Benedek Halda-Kiss says:

    The jumbo is an A 380 which is a super jumbo

  6. Napatson Tingakrue says:


  7. Napatson Tingakrue says:


  8. cplshujumi says:

    I have found my new favourite thing. I love how every single sound (minus one or two, credit where it's due) is NOTHING like what the actual aircraft sounds like (personal highlights being the jets that use a reciprocating engined helicopter noise). Even better is the robot voice announcing EACH AIRCRAFT TWICE. Truly priceless. I was trying to find some airplane sounds to sleep with and instead found the greatest undiscovered comedy gold mine on YouTube. Thank you, Spacedesign. I'm on my way to part two now and Ihope there's a reward equivalent or greater than when you played prop noises that stopped and stated…"BLIMP." I literally laughed out loud.

  9. Lucy Hunt says:

    Where are the great Russian air crafts?

  10. MiroTV - the Kids Channel says:

    great, sub you, very good work

  11. Fun Cars and Trucks Videos for Kids says:

    Great learning Air Vehicles Video for Kids 🙂

  12. Tuấn Duy Loki says:


  13. Kristian Ray Gutierrez says:


  14. NItin Kumar says:


  15. ANIL PASWAN says:

    Anil Aashiqui Buxar

  16. Arif Afridi Afridi says:

    Vpl I Uuuuuuuu

  17. Daniel Ryan Lara says:


  18. Gustavo Guayanlema says:


  19. Budhdraj Guatam says:


  20. jaime castro says:


  21. say yes says:

    7. Vale
    9th ill nm
    No. Not possible. .

  22. FARID KHAN says:

    fareed khan

  23. Sufira Adu says:


  24. Lilia Castro says:


  25. M. Javaid Akhtar says:

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  26. goradiya Chandreshbhai says:


  27. Dhirendra Phadera says:


  28. Child Tombing says:


  29. ธีรดา ศรีบัวบาน says:

  30. Kothai Rajamahes says:


  31. Kothai Rajamahes says:


  32. Julia Vasquez says:

    No me gusta nada de animales salvaje

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