KTM DUKE 790 REVIEW part 2 | RokON VLOG #62

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Part 2 of KTM 790 Duke review with drifts, stoppies, burnouts and special challenge at the end of the RokON vlog. Get ready for a test ride with KTM’s sharpest tool in the shed!
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My name is Rok Bagoros and I am a pro freestyle streetbike rider. I began riding bikes when I was 17 and turned pro after 4 years when I signed a contract with KTM Factory. Since then my life changed and I started to travel the world to perform my freestyle live shows and competitions. On my channel I try to show you how my life looks like on and of the bike.

I performed in Asia, South America, Europe and Middle East on the mayor events like MotoGP, Red Bull Air Race, DTM, Salon de Automovil Chile, Internatonal moto expo, EICMA, etc. On the other side I have been a stunt double for different artist like Robbie Williams and Neisha. My motosport idols are: Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Chris Pfeiffer.

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19 Responses

  1. Borman Bisal says:

    I will race with you with my benilli 800

  2. Siddhant Wavre says:

    Was the camera man arthur moore

  3. Hal Dyson says:

    Awesome video and great location!

  4. Rabbil Khan says:

    Yes bro I like ur vlog

  5. Gorka Ortega says:

    Anti whelie not working?? Or you can disable it??

  6. Aristol Reang says:

    Love from India buddy yyoo..

  7. manohar chandrashekar says:

    I wish that I am 25 age …

  8. KittenWithClaws says:

    I love your videos. It's so fun and fresh. We can feel the pleasure you get riding your bike. Keep up the good work !✌️

  9. Dee Club says:


  10. SELINCIO LIFE says:

    Maybe someday
    I have my own ktm

  11. D.B Vlogs says:

    Love ❤ from India Assam

  12. allow access allow access says:

    I love ktm

  13. Sikas B Koju says:

    AC/DC On UR out jacket !! Are U An AC/Dc Fan ??

  14. Kush Prajapati says:

    Use DUKE 790 for the youtube show and upgrade the rear dis breaks and install the foot stand ,crash cage and this time dont remove the head light dont do drifting to much and do more chalenges ,and wheely and it is the best bike for you and enjoy riding


  15. David Bokšić says:

    Ovaj motor je zakon najbolji

  16. Black ops Gamer says:

    It is good for biker
    But I don't have any bike
    I want also to ride bike you
    But I can't afford

  17. RAKESH GAMER says:

    Plz Bro KTM DUKE 125CC taste race

  18. Hemanth Raj says:

    I like the whole video
    Stopies we're my favorite

  19. Roshan Rai says:


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