Kamov Helicopters – Ka-52 Alligator Attack Helicopter [480p]

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9 Responses

  1. tosh1batablet says:


  2. zlo333 says:

    @wellerocks have to agree with u on that,it's all about money in there now

  3. Jo Hnnes says:

    @zlo333 Russia still is in the pre-millenium-shift-era. Judging by their mullets and their taste in music, they recently entered the early 90's.

  4. zlo333 says:

    wtf? music from 70s porno?

  5. Vintage Stephan says:

    The Kamov Ka-52 Alligator, Hokum-B NATO-codename, is a twin-seat, attack helicopter evolved from the Ka-50 Black Shark. It has been designed to engage surface and airborne targets such as armored vehicles, boats and helicopters in all-weather conditions. Its high maneuverability derived from the two 3-blade coaxial main rotors enables the Ka-50/52 to outperform aerodynamically any other attack helicopters in the world.

  6. Vintage Stephan says:

    @strizhi THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!! My number one too!!! 😉

  7. mario lion says:

    in america, choppers fire missles. in Soviet russia, missles fire choppers

  8. xxXRISTARASxx says:

    @strizhi seems to be good!

  9. strizhi says:

    Ka-52 has officially become my fav chopper in the world!! Where else you gona get that kind of speed, agility and firepower from this class of gunship? None but in Russia!! I love it so I gladly give thumbs up 5/5 mate 🙂

    Only thing I ask is change the music lol

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