John Holt – Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)

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Sick Music 2019:

Hospital Records proudly present the next chapter in their massive compilation series, ’Sick Music 2019’. It’s packed with 25 brand new and exclusive tracks from Hospital and Med School surgeons alongside some very special guest features, all carefully selected as the future drum & bass anthems of 2019. This diverse selection of 174 beats comes from the likes of London Elektricity, Fred V, S.P.Y, Metrik, Grafix, Logistics, Whiney, Unglued, Benny L, Flava D, Bou, Pete Cannon, Gridlok and many more.

After the announcement of the dynamic duo’s decision to focus on individual projects, Fred V and Grafix present their first solo releases in almost a decade. Renowned for synth-driven symphonies and soothing songwriting, Fred V brings a high dose of octane electronica in the down tempo fix, ‘Burning Me’. Grafix has taken a fresh direction with ‘Frozen’ travelling down the rough and rugged techy route, ready to shatter dancefloors worldwide. Plus it’s about to be a big year for Hospital Records’ commander-in-chief London Elektricity as he returns from the studio a the dynamic funk-ladened D+B spectacular, ‘Funkopolis’.

Other highlights include Benny L’s re-rub of John Holt’s reggae hit ‘Police In Helicopter’, with a rugged bass to make the rave shake. The first lady of Bassline and UKG royalty Flava D also joins the fold for an exclusive first flex into the realms of D+B, the silky slick selection ’Return 2 Me’.

The latest rendition of our ‘Sick Music’ series also sees a string of all-star remixes with Whiney’s robust rework of Degs’ summer anthem ‘Poveglia’, Bop’s long awaited glitch-riddled remix of Anile’s ‘Allergens’ and S.P.Y’s ‘Dusty Fingers’ getting a special Metrik rework. ‘Sick Music 2019’ will be available as a 25-track digital download, 3 x CD (including 1 x Mixed CD) and a limited edition box-set, available exclusively from The Hospital Shop.Follow

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35 Responses

  1. Hospital Records says:

    The mighty Benny L remix of 'Police In Helicopter' is finally here!

    Download on Beatport / Stream on Spotify:

  2. megaflea2k says:

    My friend insists the police in helicopter are searching for her iguana. Nice mix tnx for the upload

  3. Melody Moon says:

    Love 🙂

  4. quasili says:

    Just realised it sounds like a helicopter lool

  5. Starsky 83 says:

    I love this!! My two fav genres Reggae and D&B!

  6. Lord Shane C says:

    ‘…rollers, who’s rolling with the….’

  7. Selwyn G says:

    Finally! <3

  8. Satan666One says:


  9. Effected Life says:

    uuuh BIG!

  10. Андрей Халимон says:


  11. Alec Huntsman says:


  12. Dnb33 says:

    Biggest of the year

  13. habilitate83 says:

    sacrilege, how dare they!

  14. 7bener says:

    I can die in peace now

  15. Uniceja y Unidiente says:

    Finalmente jajajaja

  16. Charlotte says:

    That bass tho

  17. yea mate says:

    Yes Benny, I thought this would never get released! This is going to be an all time great, people will be playing this for years to come

  18. luukie000 says:

    Worth the long wait <3

  19. DANNYonPC says:

    Thats a song i havent heard in some time

  20. Marcio Aguilar says:

    Top demais , estava demorando pra sair…..

  21. Joe Keltie says:

    Swear release date was 25th of Jan how you got this already??

  22. Dane Brass says:

    Yes boss!

  23. DiskyToy says:

    Listen to this on a nice sound system. Then listen to it on your phone speakers.

    Read more

  24. UKF Drum & Bass says:

    Police in (bwubwubwubwubwub)

  25. Shadowdnb says:


  26. oskininja says:

    beautiful wet farter but i kinda get lost in the rythm

  27. oskininja says:

    in awe at the size of this lad. absolute unit

  28. g.norbert27 says:


  29. Wuzz7 says:

    long have we waited now we are happy

  30. Sander Alves says:

    From Brazil. Quality

  31. Mitras Drum & Bass says:


  32. DJ E8 says:

    Holy macaroni

  33. Billy Grisenthwaite says:


  34. David Hajdu says:

    Fuck yes <3

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