JAILBREAK JEWELRY STORE *FULL* Speed Build | Roblox Jailbreak Build a Boat for Treasure

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This jewelry store took me nearly 12 hours to build… here is the entire process shrunk into less than 15 minutes! Roblox Jailbreak in Build a Boat for Treasure

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36 Responses

  1. Blox Lee says:

    Wow user u made it so cool so nice it’s so beautiful. that jw is good then jailbreak one

  2. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    Why there's many dislike but this is hard to make

  3. Mohammmad Khan says:

    So when is Elon musk gonna hire you to design rockets

  4. thirthynine dollars says:

    Unsubbed because User is now a clickbaiter

  5. rainelle _147 says:

    Cool user Congrats you build j store

  6. Zapster Playz says:


  7. R Deluca says:

    10:22 I think it took you like an two hours also like and subscribe to myusernamesthis

  8. Arel Moreno says:

    Keep it up

  9. Jamie Corotan says:

    Part 2? I dont know if i miss the part 2 or this is part 2? I have no idea

  10. Ninja of games It’s a secret says:

    Oof Nice Job It must of been harder in that game to do that.

  11. Rachel Cunanan Vlogs says:


  12. Meena Narayanan says:

    What a fool

    When kreek gave a challenge to get some 28000 bounty u did it in a Private server lmao fool

  13. Anup Kumar says:

    I think this will be hard but please try the museum next!

  14. RobloxGranny says:

    You not tired ?

  15. The Original Malyk Emmanuel says:

    Make the jailbreak museum pls

  16. Jonah C. says:


  17. Hypaethral says:

    Did you have to look at images of the jewelry store ?

  18. Tahlia Potter says:

    How did u get the colour thing on the side?

  19. Mythic Plays says:


  20. NOOB Plays! says:

    1 hour build?

  21. YoutuberPlays YT says:

    Check out this for better information

  22. Elite Playz says:

    Nice Video This Is one Of the best Builds I have seen

  23. 薩諾斯終結者 says:

    I'm before 4,000 views!

  24. Jovey says:

    Whoever thinks myusernamesthis is creative like this comment

  25. Jovey says:

    Always awesome content by my man myusernamesthis

  26. Mister Grino says:

    This J store is a lil too short

  27. Unknown Person says:

    Build a monster truck next!?

  28. Monkey D. Luffy says:

    On time bacon soldiers where you at?

  29. Jacob_ Playz says:

    If username forgot to save that Store -_-

  30. G4M3 Clips says:

    Got it

  31. Diego Roblox gamer says:

    Myusernamethis I Love your L song sing it to xoneek

  32. [inactive] DylanExpertRBLX says:

    Rip users gold..

  33. John Michael Aldana says:


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