Is this the hardest thing to do as a car guy?

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Ed Bolian (IG: @edbolian) has struggled to find the perfect house for a car enthusiast for years now. Recently, he found the perfect place. He talks about the road to get there and some of the interesting turns along the way. If you are looking for the perfect car guy house in the Atlanta area, contact [email protected]

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20 Responses

  1. Safin Gias says:

    I live in a 4600sqft home, 6 bedroom + theater room buttttt the 2 car garage is too small lol

  2. Dane Blackburn says:

    8:34 9-3 convertible hopefully its an aero!

  3. Chris Brown says:

    "She wanted to low ball everyone.", Good, make'em pound sand!

  4. M W S says:

    That tutor styled home is yours? That looks nice. That is a really sweet house. Although my house is too big for me. But having all the garage space is pretty sweet, although I have to have a lift in one of the garages.

  5. M W S says:

    That's cool, If I ever buy a house maybe I can get your wife to do the negotiation.

  6. turnfast69 says:

    This guy is such a f-cking douche bag!!!

    He talks and talks and talks, loves the sound of his own corny voice.

    He acts like this car guy. Show us one video of yourself on a track, with a manual transmission car, showing us how well you heel-toe. I bet you can't heel-toe!!! No automatic auto blipping cars either.

    This guy is the biggest poser.

    Anything he buys, he'll whittle you down to pay less. Then anything he sells, he feels like its gold and wants top dollar.

    You're a flaming raging fake car guy. Go worry about your garage,, and keeping your cars under car-covers.

  7. nullr1 says:

    Makes video about shrewd negotiating a house. Doesn't give us even a ballpark of the price. Why you blue balling us like that? It's public record anyway.

  8. Hayden Cutrone says:

    The house does look nice

  9. Jr Castillo says:

    0:27 it has 334' of steet frontage.

  10. Hayden Cutrone says:

    What you do is buy a property in the country build a house on it and build a warehouse on that property

  11. Tristen Knight says:

    Please make the vinwiki app available in Australia

  12. Nicholas Swank says:

    That’s an exceptionally nice home, glad things worked out in the end and you’re living the dream! Keep up the good content!

  13. LetsGoToMarsMan says:

    You could have just went to planet fitness and shower? $10 a month

  14. Spooler says:

    I need a garage with a house myself. Plus a pasture with a horse barn for the horses. Enough room and additional building for my wife's dog breading business. Wifey is driving me crazy. It's an impossible task. I give, just shoot me. LOL

  15. govenmentassassin says:

    Holy shit, that’s a huge house!

  16. partyman6666 says:

    I thought I was the only one. I describe my house needs as a Multi-car garage with an attached house. Problem is, for a single guy it's tough to find a nice house that isn't like 5000 SQ feet in size that has a large garage with it. Most of the bigger garage homes go with bigger homes.

  17. T hunt says:

    Build your own house

  18. Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' says:

    Wierd Flex but ok

  19. Costa K says:

    Can I buy that shirt?

  20. Farmboy1544 says:

    Finally found my excuse for not owning multiple super cars. I am not willing to take cold showers in an warehouse utility sink.

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