Is it worth all the struggles to become a Helicopter Pilot?

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5 Responses

  1. CRTukker says:

    It is def worth it! I mow my grass now within 15 minutes instead of 2 hours. Only keeping the helicopter stable flying upside down needs a bit of practice but after that you have the best lawnmower around.

  2. Joseph Vanni says:

    Last night I took a 22 up and celebrated my 16th anniversary of when I became a pilot, so no, I have no regrets on becoming a "pilot",…and yes after all these years I still love that little R22!

  3. Clarence Watson says:

    Is it worth the struggle to become a Helicopter Pilot? When I was 9yrs, I feel in love with Helicopters. A dream, a wish, a hope that would never happen. In 2001, joined the Marine Corps. But as fate would have it, no Helicopter Pilot. 2017 rolls around, and by mistake I find Helicopter Online Ground on YouTube. I said to myself “Whats this Bull Shit” (Sorry Kenny and Gary). I watched and got hooked, but still no Helicopter Pilot. I told myself I could afford it, found several schemes offering AS and BA Degrees in Aviation, specializing in Helicopter. But still I couldn’t afford it. So I said screw it, and actually stopped watch YouTube videos. Then one day, HOGS video notification popped up. There is Kenny promoting his book, which i purchased off Amazon. After reading it I asked myself the following questions:
    1). How much money do I spend drinking on the weekends? $100-$200

    2). How much money do I waste buying crap on Ebay? Various from $200-$500

    3). How much could I save towards becoming a Helicopter Pilot if I eliminated the above (2) questions.

    I found a local school, became a member of HOGS and received my Student Pilot’s License 3 days ago.

    Is it worth it…. If you are asking yourself the question, you know it is. You are just wanting others to valid what you feel. YES, GO FOR IT!!! Its worth every penny.

  4. Kelvin Duckett says:

    Thanks for being so honest. Very cool video.

  5. Levi M says:

    Thanks for sharing Kenny…

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