Interview with Kirsty Murphy on the Tornado, Red Arrows & The Blades

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Kirsty Murphy chats about her time flying the Tornado GR4 (including ops), being the on The Red Arrows and flying in her current role on The Blades.

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28 Responses

  1. Anthony Kirkham says:

    What an interesting and fascinating interview. Kirsty sets a standard that more people should aspire to.

  2. David Ruddick says:

    What enthusiasm, its infectious!

  3. Darren Hillman says:

    Great interview. What a lovely person Kirsty is. Very talented too.

  4. Demény László says:


  5. Joseph Markey says:

    Wow. Never knew a Tornado was only supersonic without stores! Makes sense really. Brilliant interview!

  6. Elizabeth Armada says:


  7. Simon Richardson says:

    impressive video,thanks.

  8. 1903chrisholden says:

    Does Kirsty sign tornado books for enthusiasts?

  9. The Ralphster says:

    Brilliant interview, what an interesting lady…

  10. Brian W says:

    Well done sir!!! Again…
    Was a little surprised (I shouldn't of been) when she said the 300 ranked right up there as her favorite plane… I once spoke with a Navy pilot who flew F-14's, he said of course the F-14 was one of his fav's but his other was the Pitt's!!! He loved to thrash the little plane and he said that little rascal could do things that would rip the extra large fighter into little pieces… Always fun to hear a pilots favorite a/c, you just never know what might pop up 🙂

  11. Airlite X says:

    Best guest yet and that's saying a lot!! Really enjoyed that.

  12. Declan Morland says:

    Fantastic very enjoyable to watch

  13. 1903chrisholden says:

    Brilliant interview Mike

  14. Jacobs_Rifles says:

    Excellent. Well done.

  15. Rupertbear27 says:

    Great interview–Such a shame that Kirsty was flying with the Reds at the time of the great sadness with Eggman etc.It must have been hard to stay as long as she did

  16. Mike J F says:

    A brilliant interview Mike, she has lots of energy and very good flow of information going and enthusiasm which I liked, nice to hear she played a crucial part in Op Telic, whilst I was also on the ground, it's interesting to hear from her perspective ☺ it's great to have females on the front line, I know this can be a hot topic of conversation, but she's proven the very important point, they can do it and also do a great job.
    Excellent work Mike, a nice smooth interview ☺

  17. james m says:

    Thank you For this Interview, For a Not British Person Who Know about RED ARROWS Great to see what Happen to them after the leave to Team

  18. Simon Edmunds says:

    Brilliant interview. A great communicator and very informative.

  19. SingaporeSkater says:

    Good interview; if I may offer feedback: at the 6:40 mark when she said her personality type was more suited to Tornado than Harrier you could have asked why (my guess: she likes to have someone to chat to!), and later 26:20 when she said she left the Reds early, you could have asked her a bit more about that, or did you agree it was off limits?

  20. AvgeekJoe says:

    Very, very awesome!

  21. T.J. Mack says:

    Great personality and communicator. Bet she was a popular instructor.

  22. Smith Wesson says:

    This was a little diffrent. I loved it. She was very interesting, and had a pretty special career. I hope we can se more interviews from female pilots. I know gender shouldn't matter, but this interview were very good. Keep it up.

  23. Steve Roberts says:

    One question you didn't ask Kirsty was "Did you get to keep your Red flying suit?" Otherwise a really great interview and she has such a fantastic passion for flying. Thanks Mike!

  24. mivecsi says:

    Great interview…very interesting.

  25. whitefields5595 says:

    Can you imagine her son's bragging rights?

  26. thefrecklepuny says:

    Very informative. Went by pretty quick…which is a good sign in my view.

  27. Rags Toriches says:

    Great interview. I've often wondered about advertised top speeds. I guess it makes sense that the speeds given are for clean aircraft. Drag must accumulate very quickly as stores are added.

  28. Michael Lancaster says:

    Nice video Mike.

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