Install DEVO 7 Application to Walkera G400 GPS Serles 6CH RC Helicopter –

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Walkera G400 GPS Serles 6CH RC Helicopter With DEVO 7 – SKU099105G400 GPS technology newest apply in HelicopterGPS attitude holdOne Key Go HomeFailsafe and Return


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4 Responses


    Some drones have GPS/GLONASS positioning SYSTEM. Is this drone GPS and Alt Hold assisted ?

  2. Ninjuk says:

    Looks very cheap, probably the best helicopter for begginers,because of GPS, but I wish they put it into D01-D03 models.

  3. VTOLKits says:

    Can you fly forward in GPS-Hold mode with attitude hold ? If you let the stick, it stops ?

  4. ricardopr54 says:

    Somebody please review this helicopter. To me looks like the v400d002 with a GPS device installed. Same cheap brush motors and I'm pretty sure it has the same Super cheap plastic gear servos. If it is like that, you will be paying just for the GPS device, because the heli itself is junk. Mine broke the very first day (V400d002) servos immediately broke and the frame too. .. Very cheap construction. Hope this one isn't the same, but it seems it will be the same thing. Wait for reviews on this veggie buying. Why walkera keep putting cheap parts in their products… was it that hard to at least having make this helicopter brushless….

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