Injuries after 2018 cheese rolling event: Extended version

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Dramatic footage of people throwing themselves down Cooper’s Hill at the annual cheese-rolling contest in Gloucestershire, England, including this year’s women’s champion Flo Early.

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Video filmed on Sony AX55 in 4K quality.

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26 Responses

  1. Marion Braidfute says:

    The stupidity…

  2. Super Sam says:


  3. Hauge Smed says:

    Damn i hope these ragdoll fysics get patched in the next update man…

  4. Kevin nash says:

    Yeah please keep the traditional alive

  5. Narekaci Shahbazyan says:

    White people

  6. Ian Howard says:

    This is what happens when you have free health care.

  7. Craig says:

    1:36 anyone else see that guy flip several times

  8. Visca El Futbol says:

    What’s has humanity come to

  9. Andrea gacha sweet says:

    Rolling girl music

  10. Mike Udelhofen says:

    Lmfao! This is the greatest thing I have ever seen!!

  11. Kompa Tevez says:

    0:50 God damned chinaman. You invite them somewhere and they always get hurt… frail bastards. Good thing it's not called "Chase the Egg roll" in China or else he'd still be laying there all broken and battered… while people walk past him and over him…

  12. Joe Martin says:

    It is a good time to find a job after the cheese roll, many new openings.

  13. no more fortnite says:

    Plz explain

  14. GAME PUR says:

    Is it a kinda sport or ritual something like bull fighting??

  15. since_the_dawn _of_time says:

    what a bunch of wankers

  16. David says:

    1:32 guy in grey in the back watch him go down it’s hilarious

  17. jason mc daid says:

    Silly cunts

  18. Mosx21 says:

    The guy in the white got tackled twice 1:04

  19. CreamyNut says:

    Gta 6 ragdoll physics looking pretty good.

  20. J ay says:

    Meanwhile, in England…..hard to believe we used to have the largest empire in the world, after watching this, oh how the mighty fall (literally fall…….after some cheese)……still, pretty funny though 😀

  21. TheFlagFilms says:

    When you G force the fuck out…..

  22. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    The one to break the most bones wins right?

  23. Library Chief says:

    Welcome to England

  24. AbdRazak Romli says:

    Join bt stupid person

  25. Jalu Zendra says:

    How to get collateral brain damage

  26. Yoshi poochy poous Yoshi poochy poous 2.0 says:

    This is just utterly stupid

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