Imitation Halibrand style knockoffs

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A lot of folks want the Halibrand looks without the big bucks price. This is about as cheap as you can get to pass the 50 foot test. The wheels are based on a US Wheel steel rim with chrome on the lips and a black center section. The spoke part is made from fiberglass and then attached with a spindle and knockoff. If safety wired properly, it will pass muster for most casual observers. However, if you decide to go this route, mount them on the correct sides and safety wire them with the proper wire. Do not use soft wire. If you decide you are going to do some serious street racing or taking it out for track experience, take them off before you get on it. They are not made for that type of use or abuse, and consider buying some proper track day rims. These are fine for grand standing at the drive in. If you want another alternative, check out the Factory Five site and they have a even better deal than these.

Before you get all in a huff about it being fake, unless you have one of the original 950 plus original Cobras, your car is a least some part replica. Its all in degrees of what you are willing to pay for or how big your ego is.

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  1. ken clarke indonesia says:

    I bought mine from Hurricane Motorsports, the company that sells the Hurricane Motorsports Cobra Replica. You should be able to find them on line.

  2. Fer Bra says:

    Where to get them?

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