I Hopped the Cushion and Then…

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This was a tough one…
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28 Responses

  1. my name is jeff entertainment says:

    You are my favriote youtuber that races

  2. melon gaming says:

    This is my home track

  3. Anthony Ruder says:

    Good job on avoiding most of that

  4. Anthony Ruder says:

    Love the videos keep it up

  5. Colby Brooks says:

    my dad hopped the cushion right where you did in our late model and slammed into the wall and bent the whole rear end

  6. Christopher Smith says:

    Wow I didnt know you actually raced sprint cars. I always hesrd you refering to the baby sprints in your videos as sprint cars and figured that was your niche

  7. Ryan O'Meara says:

    I race mini wedges on the onaway speed track

  8. bassface says:

    it kinda looked like you were going a little too far up on the turns but it could've just been the camera angle

  9. Michael Shields says:

    What do you run a 305, 360 or 410.??

  10. Coty Steele says:

    You should come to PA and do speed week, central PA is probably the best Sprint car racing in the country

  11. Isaac Waldrep says:

    Have you been to bloomington speedway?

  12. Explosiveplane 17 says:

    Ever been to grandview Speedway or big diamond Speedway in PA?

  13. Steve Megson says:

    Please excuse my ignorance, I'm from the the UK and iv never seen a sprit car in real life. But can I ask why the front wheels seem to do what ever they want? I mean you put in sensible steering input but the front wheels seems to move way more, like it bearly attached.

  14. Mitchel Brosseau says:

    I race ump modifieds

  15. StreetLyfeBikeCo. S.B.C. says:

    You are an awesome driver, quick tip though. Try putting one of the cross members on your steering wheel straight up, that way if the steering wheel gets ripped out of your hand it won’t break your thumb

  16. Troy England says:

    8:15 who else heard green day

  17. Brandon Scercy says:

    Dude I love your page man I just started on dirt this year from racing asphalt my whole life hope we can meet up I live in NC too

  18. Blake Hendricks says:

    Yea I drive sprints love the sport! We race in Paris California

  19. Talin Turner Racing says:

    Tanner Holmes, you should run the Tulsa Shootout. It is so fun. They the track so good that most of the time the bigger outlaws never let off. I run a Jr.Sprint there every year and it is so fun.

  20. Don Holmes says:

    So are you guys planning on running dirt cup this year?

  21. GoGoGamble says:

    I read today you're going to have some seriously talented competition in NC! Good luck!

  22. Jody Roland Construction says:

    Nice job Tanner. On a track that dicey, try to run up to the cushion instead of driving in on it. Might help some.

  23. Liam's Videos says:

    Just a tip on ur tyre rack write LF RF LR RR with chalk on the tyres so u know what tyre u need straight away

  24. Parker Burch says:

    what type of tires do they make you run there? mediums D's?

  25. EKY238 Gamer says:

    11:11 you hit a rut

  26. Joshua Wooten says:

    That sucks but good luck in north carolina

  27. Harper Phillips says:

    Hey tanner In your 500 you did first person pls do more it looks so cool

  28. Everett Blalock says:

    I race a 410

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