How to Make a Remote Control Boat (Very Easy) | HOW TO MAKE A BOAT

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HOW TO MAKE A BOAT. How to Make a Remote Control Boat. Hey, Today I’ll show how to make a remote control boat at home. It’s very simple and easy. If you have a useless remote control car, then it’s easier for you. Also, you can a 2 channel receiver from any online market. How To Make mini RC Boat Twin Motors. How to make a DC Motor Boat using Thermocol and DC motor. How to make an Electric RC Boat – (Very Easy) please follow me on Google+ :
How to Make RC Boat at Home Twin Motor

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22 Responses

  1. Neon Wolf says:

    I didnt get how you were able to controll it

  2. Deep Mishra says:

    I love this video

  3. Deep Mishra says:

    Me motor ko fix nhi kr pa rha tha bo pani me dip ho rhe the apka idea is good

  4. Deep Mishra says:

    Maa ksam bhut accha idea dia apne

  5. Zaid Ansari says:

    White Se Clear Nhi Dikh Rha h

  6. OWSHNIK 6 BELIEVE says:

    I Lick It Bro..

  7. ornob borua says:

    shaon baba

  8. syed ali says:

    Iski information send karo is I'd may

  9. Vhilu Rauta says:


  10. Jayshree Kale says:

    Where are you get the moter

  11. MegaGamingamer says:

    You should make one on how to make an rc plane

  12. Terry says:

    i am having a trouble with the wiring
    pls explain which should be connected to each other

  13. md hasem says:


  14. Sudhanshu Raj says:

    Please make video on remote control submarine

  15. pooja halder says:

    Name the part are used

  16. nikmanu comedy style says:


  17. CRICKET lover says:

    Bhai I cannot see because of light

  18. Md Nafis hosain says:


  19. Manisha ptwa says:

    i made it

  20. Kamala Mainali says:

    very nice

  21. something brand new says:

    Glue gun may damage thermocol

  22. Xxx Super says:

    Bhai remote system kese melega please batao

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