Homemade Pontoon Boat Update #6 Motor Install

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In this episode, I put an actual boat motor on the boat and take it to the springs. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you like.

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18 Responses

  1. Ronnie Dueitt says:

    Love the pontoon boat and going build my own was wondering AboutHow much water does it draw

  2. ragged mowers says:

    I live 10 mins away bro

  3. zzydny says:

    Hope that chud327 and family are safe from Hurricane Michael! Rough weather today for sure.

  4. Kerry Mullins says:

    I agree with other commenters. Needs a new water pump. You should have a steady fast stream coming out of the weep hole. It's going to be a lot better than the lawnmower engine though 😀

  5. Michael Cardona says:

    It can handle a 12hp motor

  6. Ebay Vids says:

    Swap you props , have a better one for that application

  7. Ebay Vids says:

    That prop is to steep , those made 9.9 at 5000-5500 rpm

  8. Hunter Holton says:

    I love right up river from there at the turning bridge old train bridge

  9. Chris Lansaw says:

    Of course you know i am loving the motor. 9,9 with a short or long shaft? What is the length of the shaft? After seeing this we are still thinking 15 to 20Hp. I will post videos after i get it.

  10. Sebastian Ketnouvong-Ung says:

    18 Briggs and Stratton hp intek

  11. Sebastian Ketnouvong-Ung says:

    My 2002 craftsman lt1000 won’t start but but I can spin the fly wheel with no compression

  12. ncardaci says:

    I say between 8. and 12

  13. The lawn mower boy! says:

    Great video, Chud. Btw, long time no see!

  14. ncardaci says:

    The motor sound good look. It's pushing the ball out real well how fast can you go

  15. Matthew Dennard says:

    I live in Jacksonville as well

  16. White Shawn says:

    Get a real boat

  17. Kyle Winconek says:

    The tell tale on the engine could be a little clogged

  18. choppersrule1 says:

    The new motor works great mate all i need is 2 more drums and i can start building my pontoon boat.
    Have a great day

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