Hobie 16 Speed Record!!

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Contains some colourful language.
Top speed 23.83 knots.

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25 Responses

  1. Michele Fiorentino says:

    where it is ? vassiliki bay in ionian greece?

  2. jchoneandonly says:

    So I have an old hobie 16 and I live among a bunch of small lakes. Would it be wise to just use the jib for leisurely sailing oe should I always go with both sails?

  3. François Cauneau says:

    Seems you don't really need foils; guys 😉

  4. Alexander Webb-Martinez says:

    from whitch way is the wind comming from?

  5. Stuart bailey says:

    I so miss running my Hobie 16 to Catalina island.

  6. Stefano Goldoni says:

    Awesome! This video is a masterpiece!

  7. marais baptiste says:

    Music in thé beginning is so good

  8. James McCarthyNH says:

    still not as fast as the Hobie 21 on a reach…easily hits over 30

  9. Wladimir Navarro says:


  10. cmdmd says:

    Was the jib sail furling in a bit? If so, correcting that would yield more speed, wouldn’t it?

  11. Craig Chirnside says:

    Well trimmed boat.

  12. Don Landry says:

    Great ride,,, but I really don't get why anyone wouldn't like this video !?!? Who in the world wouldn't want to be on that boat that day?

  13. Amélie Layn says:

    my top speed is 26nd wifh windsurfing

  14. FunToSail com says:

    Man I love the H16! I have two myself. I actually attach Trapseats to either side of the H16 so those with disAbilities can sailing the H16. I will post a video of this at funtosail.com . I also posted both of your high speed videos at my site also. As usually your videos are awesome. So what camera and gps models are you using?

  15. The Azri says:

    Amazing speed! Keep it up!

  16. lesteranddonna says:

    Think the record is close on 25 knots

  17. Elltielle says:

    Where is this?

  18. Danny A says:

    That intro

  19. Solar Fry says:

    It's surprising the punishment Hobie 16s can take. Never wear out the sharp bottom edge of the assymetrical hulls.

  20. Solar Fry says:

    Someone soon will put foils on a Ho16 and rum past 30 mph. Won't be long. I see Hobie came out with the Hobie Foiler.

  21. Solar Fry says:

    Brings memories.My girlfriends dad had a Hobie 16 in my teens. A boat following us clocked us at 2o MPH with two person crew. about 10 yrs ago or so I met that guy Suares who became Hobie International Champ on H16s in the Caribbean. Awesome video. Enjoyed it.

  22. Simon Hager says:

    I sail 420 class boats and would love to try this. What a great sailing day

  23. VITA kyo says:

    What kind of watch have you got to measure speed ?

  24. VITA kyo says:

    Cool , what was the wind speed ?

  25. Nick Pegg says:

    the beam of dry ankles.

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