Here’s Why the Cheapest Aston Martin Is also the Best Aston Martin (DB7)

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20 Responses

  1. Hoovies Garage says:

    Yes, I made a car video on my wedding day (there was a lot of downtime in between the photo sessions) and yes, she still married me.

  2. Dash Cam Das says:

    Yes!!!!! He said Jag U Ar!!!!!!!!

  3. Bradley Sheahan says:

    You struggle to sit in this Aston it's hilarious XD nice car though and congrats on getting married!

  4. Colin Ashby says:

    I am sure it’s gutless this Aston.

  5. Hector Lugo says:

    And beautiful car too!

  6. Bill Barnews says:


  7. Cızmaney says:

    6 mins of video and no backside of the car ??

  8. Joshua Kiss says:

    That looks less like a curch and more like Dutch Fork High School LoL! Thanks for the videos, cheers!!

  9. brenspeed says:


  10. Peter Parker says:

    it just wants to be that you paid $25,000 and the vehicle still has several issues I guess. $25,000 doesn't go as far as I feel it should.. Unfortunately never been in a position to learn how to drive a standard yet. I happen to like Jaguars and Austin Martins I'm just scared to death of working on a Jaguars and no way I'd ever be lucky enough to get within 100 feet of a Martin. Literally. I've seen some pretty decent jaguars go between 800 and 1500 apparently depending what model it is. You can yank a lot of stuff off and replace it with cheap 1980s. GM components, but I don't know how much is compatible. I used to know a guy that bought three of them that looked beautiful and in each case he took almost the entire drivetrain and replaced it with GM parts where they had motor and transmission problems and it was simply way cheaper to her place everything with GM components. Closest I'll probably ever get to one of those cars is those couple Mercede I've had.probably be a cold day in hell before I ever find another C2 80 worth doing anything with for $1000 or less from the 90s line. The parts are very easy to obtain and not very expensive and they're not terrible the work on. Unfortunately, last year they made the car for changing the body. They had the genius idea to change the engine and drivetrain with something much more expensive. Not AMG expensive but still bloody expensive.

  11. Michael Backhaus says:

    This is my 1995 model Mrs Hoover…

  12. Rumpa Stiltskin says:

    At least you're not a filthy Muslim like Mr. Bean

  13. Dan Deen says:

    Made the video with the Tux on.
    Now it's a write off! Once a used car salesman…. Or… You can take the salesman of the used car lot but…

  14. Marduk 666 says:

    I hope he has a prenup. You can guarantee that she knows exactly how much he's making on YouTube videos. Plus he already has a child with her. The divorce rape will be epic. He's going to need a "Divorce Wizard" attorney. At least he may have a car to sleep in when it's all said and done. Maybe.

  15. Tyler Rich says:

    Love the wedding tie in! Congratulations, and as always, thank you for the wonderful content!

  16. Endangered Gnome says:

    Give the wizard a mic…

  17. Terry Lessmann says:

    "Hey, it started!"

  18. DaddytechEnt says:

    STOP WITH THE JAGEUWAR that's ridiculous bullshit. just llike when they say Aluminum there's no extra I in there so Aluminium makes no sense neither does the way they are now saying jaguar (Jag-War)the way it's always been said

  19. Earl Painter says:

    HoovMaster, what is your source of income/occupation which allows you to enjoy this grand stable of conveyances, if I may ask??

  20. Lavalambtron says:

    How tall are you? The car looks tiny.

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