Helicopter GUNSHIP in Blackout… (Blackout WTF & Funny Moments #74)

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Look how quickly it destroyed that ARAV 🙉Episode #74 of our Blackout WTF & funny moments moments series.

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38 Responses

  1. Norin Radd says:

    Im so sick of hearing idiots say Lets go! Lets go! Fuck you guys just shut the fuck up!

  2. Joseph Mathews says:

    I know how to do that super easy

  3. スギちゃん says:


  4. johnny MONSTA Martini says:

    HOW TO DO HELI GLITCH: grab any 3 round burst …sit on the side of the heli…then shot once and very quickly switch to pilot seat hitting B on xbox…and it will start shooting…this also works on the 4 wheelers! have fun

  5. Devaughn Eagleson says:

    Whats next a tank

  6. mitchell jones says:

    Your music is shit

  7. ーただのアニメ好きのゲ―マ says:


  8. Behlül Kilic says:

    0:32 When i realize that my chopper fires a fcking machine gun

  9. pitchblack 94 says:

    So I guess bo4 was gonna put mini guns on them choppers and decided not to

  10. the truth 313 says:

    Dam when is that coming to the game

  11. butch obunga says:


  12. Hudboys says:

    Hey man, do you think you could possibly use my recent clip? The hardest I've laughed in a while

  13. ultimatemancia says:

    8:34 'I killed like 4 people" hahahah kill feed = 2

  14. BonesTheCat says:

    "I killed like four people" has two kills…. 8:52

  15. Dillon says:

    Outro music needs an update

  16. X-or LiVe says:

    Hello guys i like good vidéo i have channel YouTube X-or LiVe diffusion on line BLACKOUT thank you very much for your vision

  17. Danieal Ashraf says:

    ermm what song the last video ? someone tell me plisss

  18. xxNOExx says:


  19. Cali Husstla 916 says:

    Some of these clips actually sucked like all the sniper kills shouldn’t be on here they’re weak

  20. ヤジヨウ says:

    It is a rogue of five people. Please use this video

  21. Synaptic Reaper says:

    is that a teaser for the upcoming attack helicopter vehicle?

  22. IDeNCHI says:

    i wanna see that full video of the chopper!!

  23. Juan Carlos says:

    What the duck was that at 8:40? Was he getting a bj

  24. Tunicht Gut says:

    Players on ps4 are literally bots

  25. gary_dexter says:

    "I killed like 4 people"
    Has a score counter of 2…..

  26. 420 Ninja says:

    This Console players are always bad af lel

  27. Trenton Bland says:

    "Im the best player in this game"……..Guy no scopes guy out of helicopter.

  28. Frosty_Beasty says:

    That laugh on the first clip

  29. A P says:


  30. Dylo Duck says:

    lol its funny how that most germans play as richtnofin the zombie character

  31. Wings Up says:

    I cant send a vid and i clicked the link

  32. KingOcelotl says:

    Yes, this is what's been missing from the game and we can tell that they were supposed to be implemented. Especially when u consider that with one or two tickets choppers get shot down…

  33. Safty says:

    Wheres my snipe dawg? been waiting for a whole week to see it damn

  34. Pedro Gandara says:

    That helicopter wasn’t a bug that was a real sneak preview

  35. Dr Gaurav Suneja says:

    Call of duty meets pubg

  36. Disco Stu says:

    The aimbot is strong in this one

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