Helicopter Filming

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Trying out a GoPro on the front of the R44.

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10 Responses

  1. Paul Dunn says:

    What's the tail number of the little yellow bumblebee?

  2. KidDexxx says:

    what do you do to be able to afford a helicopter?!

  3. Danny Hetherwick says:

    Hi Rich. Where exactly did you mount your cam in the Helicopter Fishing video, and more importantly, how did you get the audio of your voices? Thanks, I'm taking my private help right now and would really help me out.

  4. HELIMOTO says:

    GoPro was on a mount on the nose of the helicopter

  5. HELIMOTO says:

    We were doing 30kts. Max performance take off.

  6. iflyhelis says:

    I was surprised you still had tail authority at that speed sideways, you must have been doing at least 60 ground speed. Nice flying, & thanks for allowing me on-board.

  7. JMFarkasJr26 says:

    Saw this a few weeks ago. This video is one of the coolest helicopter videos I've seen.

  8. Graham Warrington says:


  9. Christian Kajsing says:

    Good shot. But how is it mounted?
    And can't say envious I am… Still looking for "the" job 🙂

  10. allen_nightmare5oh says:


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