Helicopter Eela | Official Trailer | Kajol | Riddhi Sen | Pradeep Sarkar | Releasing 7th September

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She’s here, there and everywhere!

What happens when an over-protective but cool mother joins his son’s college to spend more time with him! Watch out for the cool mother-son duo and a twist in the tale as her plans backfire and she suffers a backlash from Vivan for invading his privacy.

Will Helicopter Eela manage to salvage her relationship with Vivan and find her calling again?

Find out as Helicopter Eela releases in theaters on 7th September, 2018.

Starring : Kajol, Riddhi Sen, Neha Dhupia and Tota Roy Choudhury
Directed by : Pradeep Sarkar
Produced by : Ajay Devgn, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada, Aksshay Jayantilal Gada
Co-produced by : Kumar Mangat Pathak, Vikrant Sharma, Reshmaa Kadakla, Kaushal Kantilal Gada, Neeraj Gala

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35 Responses

  1. Fun Holic says:

    Amazing concept

  2. aditya revgade says:

    It's amazing to see Kajol also back in college after SRK in did in Mai hoo na

  3. Abhijit Das says:

    Music thik hai lekin ai bastab nehi hai

  4. ananth shyam says:

    Do watch our latest video album song on #FirstLove

  5. sachin agarwal says:

    Mamma …Kajol is not
    She is looking much young n spontaneous

  6. sachin agarwal says:

    Whao really very fresh n mind-blowing.i gonna watch it

  7. chandni .0168 says:


  8. Bhavik Vyas says:

    Loved this

  9. Sikandar Ali says:

    Such an amazing creativity

  10. Ibrahim Sheikh says:

    Shah.jal bhabhi shahrukh ko chod ke
    Dev.gaand kaalia ke chakkar me kyu pad gayi
    Aapke or shahrukh Bhai ke bich to bahut kuch hua hoga

  11. Nabanita Banik says:

    Dying to see the golden performance of my favorite actors… Kajal is my role model… Be it in family or in career… How smoothly she is sailing…. Hriddhi is so much adorable… So natural…. All the best to entire team….

  12. Bint Al Mulla says:

    American movie remake

  13. Ashneet Nagi says:

    Finally new and dhangi movies a rai hai

  14. gopal lal says:

    Awesome trailer, kajol is looking beautiful

  15. Pyar Lafzo Mai Kaha says:

    What a comeback ! Love the new concept ❤

  16. JITENDRA YADAV says:


  17. dhruba debnath says:

    nice song

  18. Monalisa Mukherjee says:

    in families were either the husband is faraway or died or single parent families.the mother in the house has to undertake the responsibilities of the father.so ,she in doing this develops a more in way u can say masculine characteristic or personality .strong willed,hardworking,dominating,loud,possessive,etc.and if these families have no sons and only daughter(s).then daughters have to undertake the role that it normally thought to be performed by son(s) .I.e.determined,strong willed,independent,ambitious,responsible,thoughtful and at the same time upfront ,fierce,etc.these traits are also passed on from one generation to other.just imagine of having spent ur entire children with only a working mother who is always busy with her office work at the same time frustrated bcuz she also have to take care of home and children.the children always pick up from their surrounding and mostly parents.in those families the children are more responsible,systematic,hardworking,understanding,independent.bcuz they have to be so.same with the children who lived their lives in boarding schools away from their family and relatives.it is rightly said that "battle of waterloo was won at the playing fields of Eton".

  19. V Music says:

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  20. Tina Nath says:

    Exciting film all the best to the cast and crew of helicopter eela

  21. Avenger Naveed says:

    Block buster

  22. Ujala Hassan says:

    Already A Blockbuster …!! All The Best Kajol Mam …!! I Love When Movies Involve Mothers … 🙂 <3

  23. fam surya says:

    Kajol acting is a class

  24. ReviewAdda says:

    Why the movie name "Helicopter Eela"? There are lots of names are available in the Oxford English Dictionary. Or should contact Shri Sh….i T…a…or for strong vocabulary movie name.

  25. Sujata Solase says:

    Hey EELA i am eager to watch u come soon ….

  26. pranshu jha says:

    Just for Kajol.

  27. Quirky OPPO says:


  28. Krishna Tiwari says:

    Kajol does look mummy . She looks 20s .

  29. TheSparkaries says:

    the movie looks much more like “Life of the Party”

  30. Hadi Mahendra says:

    A very good film

  31. Ujjwala Deep says:

    Would watch it definitely….

  32. Shivani Singh says:


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