Headlight Harness Install

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K Suspension bringing you an instructional on how to install your Headlight Harness Upgrade!!!

Available Here: www.ksuspensionlifts.com

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25 Responses

  1. Justin Yeager says:

    Where did you purchase that harness ? I'm not finding any that look like that one or the original that is damaged and I'm needing to replace..

  2. Akshay Sasolkar says:

    Hi it is important to connect earthing in relay

  3. Trent Gorel says:

    I have headlights that I don’t use anymore

  4. Amjath Khan says:

    You just removed the positive and then connected it back and connected the harness to the positive as well. But almost all the battery safety videos say that you should 1. Disconnect negative 2. Disconnect positive 3. Then connect positive 4. connect negative. Can you please help me understand this better? Thanks

  5. Bonnie Parker says:

    Very helpful

  6. exit9 mastertec says:

    Dude a lot of people in my area live in the woods and i wanna help them as well I sent a email already hope this kit will work for my Toyota 1989 4runner for hid

  7. exit9 mastertec says:

    Send me a link to buy it dude great video nice work got a issue with a 89 Toyota nice clean up…

  8. veenoable says:

    What if you fix the other way around starting from driver side? Will the results be the same?

  9. rocky fox says:

    I have a toyota tacoma and the hight beam doesn't work just lo w beam works so. Will this relay work to make my high beam works ?

  10. Chris Cassidy says:

    This mod worked well for me but burnt out both headlights within a few months. Not sure if they were just ready to go or what. Looking into replacing with LED now

  11. devon thorp says:


  12. Sahzmir Mohamad says:

    its a old post but i have questions
    1. I want convert my hb3 to h4 since i had 2 bulb separately which is ( h11 & hb3 )
    what my point is, to make both lamp turn on (h11 & h4) when low beam is on, this relay can work on led bulb?
    where i want to wiring my h4 socket share wire from h11 to make it low beam on, and with high beam work normally
    sorry to bring up old video, i need a guide a clear guide so i can do properly

  13. Gunnar Jensen says:

    My Econoliner 1986 also has yellow parking lights. What then ?

  14. Gunnar Jensen says:

    One pin for the high beam ? One for the low beam ? And, one ground ?

  15. Gunnar Jensen says:

    So ? The old cable is just a 3 pin connector connecting to the switch itself ?

  16. georgewastaken says:

    Just ordered mine today, really excited!

  17. Monzai says:

    Why the positive terminal? I keep hearing conflicting things about this, but read mostly to disconnect negative because it's grounded. Not sure that makes much sense but is what I've been doing lately — and having a lot of electrical issues lately… My mechanic recently switched from disconnecting positive to disconnecting negative instead…. Anyways, thanks for the video, very helpful, cheers!

  18. akmaverick says:

    Damnit. I see a problem with mine. Lol. Have wiring in my grill. Lol need to shuffle around. Lol

  19. Der Wolpertinger says:

    We're doing this today to our XJ. Thanks for the video, it answered all our questions!

  20. M50boxthrower says:

    Just received and installed on my 2000 XJ very easy installation! Looking forward to driving at night. Thanks so much..

  21. H Sisodia says:

    No nonsense, yet very detailed without being overly verbose! Excellent job!

  22. DAN WATTS says:

    Came in the other day. Just installed them..tight fit on a 97 is no lie.Got them in tho. Noticeable difference on lights. You just saved me so many headaches. May be switching to some led headlights if I can ever find some DOT approved ones.Next mod, those 4 spray injectors upgrade.Thanks Raffi!

  23. 208LexusOwner says:

    im from and live boise idaho too. weird coincidence i found this videobtrying to take apart my headlight plug wiring

  24. Manfred Kreiselmeier says:

    Just installed this on my 01 XJ.
    Straight forward install and looking forward to driving at night again.
    Keep up the great products…

  25. Let's Fix says:

    you great sir

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