H106 Mini RC Speed Boat with Self Flip Back Feature

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H106 Mini Electric RC Speed boat is super duper fun boat for all ages. Its sleek, sexy design is charming and makes it pick some good speeds that you would not expect from such little boat. Its running a brushed motor setup with a 7.4v Li-Ion battery and offers plenty of play time with good speed. It has self flip back feature so do not worry about making sharp turns or go for Boat wars. You can simply throw it in water and it will self correct itself. If you flip it upside down while playing, you can easily flip it back just using throttle. H106 has a 2.4Ghz mini Radio with two way transmission that shows you boat battery levels and signal levels so you will never go too far to lose control over your boat. Its a fun and neat little boat with a very nice water proofing hull cover. It makes a great fun gift for all ages too.

Grab one right here.

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17 Responses

  1. Craig B says:

    Great video mate.. I've ordered the blue one thanks for this video now I know what it goes like..

  2. Martin Fleming says:

    Does it give enough limp home mode on dead battery I.e slows down a lot but still enough juice to get to shore or do I need rescue boat like you?

  3. Rays RCs says:

    Nice, just got one based on your video, that clear plastic inside the above the motor, should that be left into or not, manual does not talk about it.

  4. Pableras 2211 says:

    Hi. Nice boat. Great. Do you think it's possible change to xt30 connector to use others lipo battery?

  5. Pandu Setiadi says:

    Waalaikumsalam…greeting from Indonesia…cool little boat…and your voice is like Joe Pesci, sir…

  6. Peter Rodens says:

    Get a 28 inch miss geico then your talking

  7. John Sneen says:

    Very cool little boat!!! Keep up the cool videos, you always make my day better watching your vids. : )

  8. Ali Tajeldin says:

    Love the little flip action to get it back right side up.

  9. The Reactor World says:

    Your the best

  10. Josh Redman says:

    That boat is sooooo cool!

  11. Abel Castillo Castells says:


  12. Steve Call RC says:

    Awesome little boat!

  13. Jim Clark, N5QL says:

    Use heavy duty magnet on the arm to capture the boat you are trying to rescue!

  14. didactylos4 diddy4 says:

    Not bad at all and not overly expensive.
    All I have to do now is dig a lake nearby…..

  15. THE ALEXANDER 007 says:


  16. Technical gallery of BD says:

    Very nice video

  17. nico rose says:

    1st comment 1st like

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