Guy Martin Crash Isle of Man TT 2017

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TT Superbike race 2017. Guy Martin escape major injury falling off his machine on the opening lap

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16 Responses

  1. Jraybay says:


  2. spitzspot says:

    fail, turn your phone, down voted

  3. Peter Gorrie says:

    honda f1 – fucked, honda fireblade – fucked, honda civic (new) – ugly. something not right at honda

  4. Jo Ski says:

    Thanks for some great footage here I'd only saw the onboard camera view of this nasty crash
    Thank god Guys ok and r.i.p to the fallen riders of this years TT. ✌️

  5. Techy Las says:

    Guy needs to think about hanging up his leathers. Too many times now 🙁

  6. David Murphy says:

    put kettle on lad

  7. DanielSong39 says:

    Wow, he walked away from the incident.
    These bikes are going pretty fast though, even with the yellow flags… doesn't yellow mean they have to slow down?

  8. ceejay 1872 says:


  9. RJay Murphy says:

    went straight for a cup of tea

  10. Derro Farm says:

    Bloody bike fucked up on him! Piece of shit .

  11. Asher Rose says:

    box full of neutral

  12. surfin'bird says:

    i remember mcguinness saying how much he waited for the new fireblade.This is what he waited for?

  13. Rupert Utley says:

    "box full of neutrals" … those Fireblades need sorting

  14. Sam Hudson says:

    you've got to admire the mentality of these guys. can you imagine being dumped at that speed and still keeping your cool to know immediately to get up and get out the way. amazing that shock doesn't even slow him down. granted they've all fallen hundreds of times but still

  15. morzee1 says:

    Them fireblades have a serious issue

  16. ecalzo says:

    what the heck… fuck … nooo another time

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