Guy Martin – Complete Speed DVD & BluRay – Trailer

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Motorcycle racer and lorry mechanic Guy Martin loves pushing the boundaries of speed in search of a buzz. He claims that nothing can match the adrenaline rush he gets when racing on public roads around the Isle of Man TT course at 200mph. So now he’s setting out to see if he can find anything that can give him the same kicks.

This series will follow Guy as he sets out to create 4 speed based challenges in which he will push the boundaries of physics and learn about the science of speed.

Whether it’s slipstreaming a racing driver to ride a bicycle at 100mph using pedal power alone, or seeing if he can ride a motorbike across a lake , Guy will seek to find out what makes things go fast by getting his hands dirty in a range of unique engineering projects.

Along the way he’ll get help from celebrities well known in the world of speed and he’ll also look at nature to see what he can learn to help him in his challenges.

Britain’s Fastest Cyclist * Hydroplaning Bike * Human Powered Aircraft
World’s Fastest Toboggan * Tandem * Pike’s Peak * Hovercraft * Gravity Racer

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