got the trunk lid problem fixed

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it wasnt as bad as i thought and got some more ways to make it better

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39 Responses

  1. JDM Static Rides says:

    Allright man looking good

  2. JohnCarey1963Jag says:

    Great to see that section has come together better. It really is looking like acomplete car body now. Great job,

  3. tomswonderfulworld says:

    You come along way on the nova Rick.
    Stay warm buddy!

  4. Rasd4Metta says:

    Glad you got it figured out buddy, the car is really taking shape now! Nobody will ever beleave that car was ever in 2 sections……… well unless they watch your video's lol Good to see your snow melting, wish mine would melt lol Take care Rick

  5. tomduncan1970 says:

    Good update! Glad to see you are moving along and working thru the little finishing touches

  6. TheRickfix says:

    thankx john,tc

  7. TheRickfix says:

    thankx jim,tc

  8. TheRickfix says:

    thankx chief,lots of snow to go around lol,and now its very cold,-18 and getting colder they r saying,brrrrr.i sure wish i was in your weather right now,thankx for watching,tc

  9. TheRickfix says:

    thankx bob and thankx for watching,tc

  10. TheRickfix says:

    thankx and thankx for watching,tc

  11. TheRickfix says:

    thankx ron,shes given me lots of practice,im hoping the bodywork goes faster than the patching,lol,have a good one

  12. TheRickfix says:

    thankx ron,tc

  13. TheRickfix says:

    thank u and thankx for watching,tc

  14. TheRickfix says:

    thankx reubin,hope to get into the bondo soon,its due time,lol,tc

  15. TheRickfix says:

    thankx jerry,tc

  16. jevchance says:

    Glad you got the trunk sorted out.

  17. TheRickfix says:

    thankx eric,hope it all pays off in the end,its a stuggle sometimes,lol,thankx for watching,tc

  18. TheRickfix says:

    thankx and thankx for watching,tc

  19. TheRickfix says:

    lol,im glad she did,it was getting quite close in there,lol,have a good one

  20. TheRickfix says:

    thankx and thankx for watching,tc

  21. TheRickfix says:

    thankx anthony,was quite quick,but im still feeling crawling around in the trunk,lol,im glad that part is done,have a good one

  22. TheRickfix says:

    thank u and thankx for watching,tc

  23. TheRickfix says:

    thankx matt,i got some bruises and some aches and pains out of this one,lol,have a good one,tc

  24. TheRickfix says:

    thank u and thankx for watching,tc

  25. TheRickfix says:

    thankx todd,tc

  26. TheRickfix says:

    thankx colin,shes going to get a thumping if she doent start cooperating,lol,have a good one

  27. TheRickfix says:

    thankx greg,tc

  28. TheRickfix says:

    thankx terry,tc

  29. TheRickfix says:

    thankx bruce,tc and stay warm,brrr its cold out

  30. TheRickfix says:

    lol,may is too far away,thankx for watching,tc

  31. TheRickfix says:

    thankx shawn,gotts agree,with a clear mind things dont seem to be that bad,have agood one,tc

  32. TheRickfix says:

    u too darrel,i was taking my chances there wasnt i,lol,tc

  33. TheRickfix says:

    thankx matt,well the cold is here,-17 today and colder tommorow,brrr,tc,hope it warms up for us soon,ive had enough of this winter,lol

  34. TheRickfix says:

    thankx stu,tc

  35. TheRickfix says:

    thankx matthew,tc

  36. TheRickfix says:

    thankx and thankx for watching,tc

  37. TheRickfix says:

    u r right there,it looked worse than it realy was,now to see if the front will fit,thankx for watching,tc

  38. TheRickfix says:

    thankx olddude,its been 1 big puzzle but the good thing is not many pieces left to go,shes wearing me out too and soon we will take a break and get all rested up,lol,have a good one

  39. TheRickfix says:

    thankx stan,by the time i got around to cleaning up the snow it was all gone and good riddens too,lol,tc

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