GM HEI electronic distributor how to wire and run install DIY

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just an idea on how the GM HEI electronic distributor is wired up

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22 Responses

  1. Milos Pecikoza says:

    carb is brand new… holley 300 … it is for that ford 302 engine… when i idle in stand i hear like misfiring at full idle… what is the real firing order?

  2. Milos Pecikoza says:

    hi… i have that engine in my boat… i bought engine and when i put it in a boat i have problems… when i put in forvard it runs rough some one tells me that the carb is problem.. i have ac fuel pump.. like 3 cilinder not working… any advaise?

  3. cf mechanic says:

    I'm Chris too checknout my vids

  4. Brian Gonzales says:

    My 63 Nova doesn’t have a port in the fuse block that says IGN! I just bought the car and can’t get the ignition to work.I bought a new ignition. I did notice they attached the hot wire directly to battery.

  5. Christopher Tsiakos says:

    So what kind of wires do you use? (From what kind of car?)

  6. WhiteSnake9191 says:

    Thx for this vid, I've always contemplated switching my spare vehicle 92 5.0 tbi firebird to carb, even after changing out literally every sensor it never ran quite right and takes a bit of cranking for it to actually start…yet in every carb vid I've ever seen vehicles instantly start up

  7. SwitchDoctor says:

    Converting my 70 Impala today. Did it once about 20 years ago on a 64 Impala

  8. 91Cruzin says:

    That's a cool remote setup you have there, good idea.

  9. George Ullrich says:

    Doing an hei swap in my 70' Deville. Should eliminate my points pain. Your video helped a lot!

  10. Marc Castaldo says:

    Might be a stupid question,. Can I run both the Alternator Dummy Light and the Distributor BAT wire from the ignition post at the key?? 1963 c10 with an unmarked fuse block. No idea which fuse is tied to ignition so I’d like to wire strait to Key IGN but the Alt dummy light is already there…

  11. Frank Glez says:

    really good explained. have you any video wiring all start system? i covert tbi to carb my car..tnx. nice video

  12. Concrete Outcry says:

    So let me see if I can get this straight with my setup( switch panel)
    BATT terminal to (toggle switch) toggle switch to positive post.
    TACH terminal to (same switch) same toggle switch to tachometer

    Would this work?

    Also I think I'd run the positive wire from the switch to the starter positive

    Would this work?

    I think it would look like this

    (Where does it ground? Just at the switch)

    Final stretch here, hoping for some assistance

  13. Paul Patriot says:

    Awesome video sir. Thank you.

  14. Steven Solis says:

    Hi I'm doing an HEI install on my 58 Impala with a 348 motor. I don't have a tachometer on the car. Where would I put the wire for the Tach lead?

  15. Ryan McEachern says:

    Hey man, I have a 71 El Camino with a 350 small block. I don't know anything about engines. I am slowly learning off this car. I am upgrading it to a Edelbrock 4 barrel and putting a brand new HEI distributor in it. I am struggling on figuring out how to run the wires from the ignition part of the fuse box to the BAT on the distributor. I also found that there is another wire already plugged into the ignition and when I fallow the wire, it runs into another plug area with another wire that leads to another set of wires. ( sorry I don't know the correct terminology for most of this). If you could get back to me that would be super helpful since I am struggling to find any forums about my issues. Thanks and love the video.

  16. Xtreme Scratchers says:

    Good Video and Explanation, im putting HEI on my 66 chevy 327 , been rebuilt and cant wait to start it up

  17. E TP says:

    If I install an HEI and new coil, do I need a ballast resistor? Thanks!!

  18. Project military memorial jeep zj says:

    I have a 71 c10 short bed I'm converting from points to this

  19. Edward Cody says:

    One more thing the starter was bad and I replace it with a new one. Ok then I found out the old man who sold the rv to me he had a lot of rigged up wires from the switch I guess it is bad. So I raned the starter wire from the s terminal to the battery and it turns over good but no spark from the distributor. Plus I'm not using the r side of the starter because I'm using the HEI Distributor..

  20. Edward Cody says:

    Ok I have a rv with a 454 in it and I change out the points distributor and put in a HEI Distributor. Ok I put it in the same position I marked it at. And I'm not getting any fire. Ok then I notice you said the distributor will move out of position…

  21. Vivian Charity says:

    Hey! Tried to time my 85 silverado today and the timing mark is about a qtr of the circumference to the left and we can't get it close to the mark. What could be off?

  22. Nick Bowling says:

    Yessir, I had no desire to learn about points and how to set them. I had already been around H.E.I. so when I seen my wife's 1964 Malibu had a 1970 350ci 4 bolt main engine out of a box truck I went to junk yard and bought a HEI distributor from an early eighties Camaro and dropped it in. Super easy upgrade. Opened gap on the plugs to match Camaro which was around double. Set timing and man what an improvement. Everything got better, mpg, sound, idle, pulled harder. Excellent! Then I took the big holley off and torker2 intake manifold. Replaced with edelbrock performer rpm matching intake and 650cfm Carb. Runs great now, almost like it's fuel injected. Now I just have to get the power glide rebuilt, it's getting a little clunky on downshift.

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