Gloucester Cheese Rolling 2012 OFFICIAL – World’s Stupidest Competition

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Oscar Udbye:
Adam Green
Matt YoungMusic by:Professor Kilq – “Plastic & Flashing Lights”
Download the song here 😉 Rolling:

This event is very old and has been running for Over 200 years !!

here is the official website for more informations:

Technical Info:

The entire event last for about 1 hour

3x Canon 7D
1x Canon 550D
1x Gopro Hero HD 2
Glidecam HD-2000
Shoulder rig
Tripod with fluid headthe following lenses have been used:

Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5,6
Sigma 10-20mm f/3,5
Tokina 11-16mm f/2,8
Canon 35-350mm f/3.5-5.6
Canon 85mm f/1.8

Many Thanks to:

My dad for lending me his lenses, my mum, my brother my sister.

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24 Responses

  1. Alejandro Huerta says:

    Para pendejo no se estudia se nase

  2. Lucas Su says:

    head to head, boom!

  3. 0megaL3gend 123 says:

    They see me rolling they hate it

  4. 松鼠女秒殺共慘狗 says:


  5. Adrian Bl says:

    Locos hijos de su puta madre

  6. changchen09 says:

    I love how they accept it that it's the stupidest thing to do as a sport yet so much fun! Idk what to say. Must try once but not twice if it goes way worse than you thought :p

  7. Bruno maia says:

    Muito legal !!! Só tem que cuidar pra não quebrar um braço, perna ou um pescoço mais tirando esses riscos é de boa hehehe

  8. Dum do says:


  9. Dum do says:


  10. Billel *_* says:

    They see me rolling…

  11. LoL Vidios says:


  12. 박June says:

    별 스포츠를 하면서 엄청 좋아하네요.

  13. MTI.MTI2538 Loev says:


  14. Александр коробов says:

    Как скучно я живу

  15. Эрлик суровый says:

    Подпишись посмотри видео моё и подним на пиши комент готово и поставь лайк и я взаимку так же сделаю

  16. Эрлик суровый says:

    Го взаимку

  17. Kev - says:

    La estupidez humana no tiene limites.

  18. Sam Britt says:

    Ok… literally this is what life is all about

  19. Shawn Lee says:

    me when i jump to conclusions

  20. りっつ/IKAKUN geso says:


  21. Keyboard Glasses says:


  22. Bobby Hiness says:

    -Euphoria engine be like

  23. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwsyzmynameisjack Ooo says:

    It’s satisfying

  24. olguine Maingrette says:

    looks like fun but to do this just for cheese makes me wonder how much does the cheese cost

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