Fully adjustable Brake Pedals! and Handbrake. AWD 4 Rotor Build

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The 4 Rotor continues trucking along! Setting the brake pedal in place with the seat before we take the chassis off the frame rack!

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20 Responses

  1. alfie sole says:

    "Never actualy use my break" we know rob. You bloe the tranny or crash before you have a chance to try them

  2. KeepZ says:

    0:43 the hammer timing 😀

  3. Alex Berriman says:

    more 3 rotor plz

  4. PNathan says:

    Hydro brake? 4 Rotor Gymkhana CONFIRMED!

  5. Apexseals says:

    lol its as if you're doing lots of episodes on what i'm researching into doing with my FC, want to put one into mine, but i can only find pedals in the 5:1 ratio range, very few go into 6:1 or higher.

  6. SovL:Remedy says:

    I'm liking Rob more and more as i watch this channel! He seems like a pretty chill guy, plus lot of wankl-ing 🙂

  7. Phillip Bassett says:

    From bachelor to 4 rotor. Go Rob.

  8. JustLetMeDrive says:

    4:32 too stoned i got lost in accusequentialcylindar land

  9. Drew Alsup says:

    Im in the Dahm squad who else is with me?

  10. ASTRO DEV says:

    So Rob going to put a Dog box for shifting nice

  11. Jacob Grzebyk says:

    I'm wondering I'm wondering why I got no AD i love supporting you even if its for a dumb 30 sec AD

  12. Kid Wave says:

    no homo but rob is looking mad swole

  13. Scottys says:

    Jurassic park

  14. vettefan77 says:

    Glad you're sharing the finer details on the build….its interesting to see each custom item as it progresses.

    Would be easy to miss those. Nothing random, everything thought out & well purposed. Can't put a price on that!

  15. Tetrahydrocannibinol says:

    He kinda made sense. They use metal braided lines on motorcycles so the hoses don't expand/bulge and you lose pressure.

    The reservoirs are definitely smaller though.

  16. Friend Built says:

    I wanna upgrade my r32 calipers to r33 or r34 calipers

  17. Donnie Leonard says:

    .75 and .88 is referring to the master cylinder bore size not the bias of the setup. Also Willwood brakes are the entry level brake system, you would be much better off with a different manufacturer like Tilton, AP, PFC, or Alcon.

  18. Paul Baylis says:

    I wonder if you contemplated converting to right hand drive so you would have had better cockpit set up options and room ?

  19. First Last says:

    Wow rob you can read the box

  20. Freddy Stroman says:

    Finally a cuatro rotores video

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