French Gendarmerie Helicopter in Chamonix Rescues Skier

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French Gendarmerie helicopter in Chamonix rescues injured skier from snow covered mountain with Eurocopter EC145. Helicopter performs maneuver ‘appui patin’ to land on the snow covered mountain with blades close to the mountain side to drop off and pick up crew.

Pilot has over 5000 hours of flight time.

#helicopter #rescue #ec145

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6 Responses

  1. Jeremy videos says:

    That's dangerous Mission

  2. Oljas2207 says:

    So precise, bravo!

  3. toodle171 says:


  4. Ристу Георгиев says:

    Wow! The pilot is master! Virtuoso! Whatever salary he gets, it's not enough for these skills. Bravo!

  5. Enzo Di Sciullo says:


  6. Peter Guerganov says:


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