Fort Lauderdale Boat show part 2

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The fort lauderdale international boat show premiere event part 2 video. Where you can experience the big bad boys center consoles, power speed boats to the mega yachts. This is a all day family and friends boat lovers event. I was day dreaming and wishing i would win the lottery so i can buy one but it was nice to be able to get on them. Also able to see all the new equipment and engines on display. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out the other videos. Hope you liked the videos as much as i do like doing them.

Part 1 video link

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Joby suction mount link

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12 Responses

  1. Gabriel Barrios says:

    muy bueno el canal Gabriel de uruguay

  2. Andre Uzee says:

    Really enjoy the boat show videos. On my bucket list. Did anyone have a big live aboard cat there.

  3. Rick Fountain, Jr. says:


  4. Ozzy Tapanes says:

    Thanks for sharing Joe …..I like that even when day dreaming bout boats, your still thinking of how it will acomódate your family….that’s kool

  5. Samuel Bongcayao says:

    The sign says, DO NOT SEAT .

  6. Noah Loving Life says:


  7. Andres Hidalgo says:

    I spoke to a guy from 7marine about the prices and he inform me that it’s $75k if you want the engine alone, if you want it installed it’s $110k!. So imagine that 65 Estrella has $550k in engine alone! #HayQueGanarseLaLotto

  8. cali ordinary man says:

    That’s a bad ass show brother. Saludos desde California

  9. Tony Pacheco says:


  10. giau pham says:


  11. R1Flem says:

    Fresco delivers a great video once again!

  12. Adrien Cirou says:

    Great content as always! Any updates on the jetskis?

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