First case of “modern day” Pirate attack in the Indian Ocean

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On February 17th, 1979 the research vessel Alysse Maru was attached by over 300 pirates who stole $100,000 worth of ship’s equipment and crew personal belongings before abducted 3 crew members including Ken Leonard, the ship’s captain and founder of AEA. The ship and remaining crew members managed to escape with the aid of the US Navy. The ship was escorted by US Navy aircraft to the then secret US Indian Ocean military base on the island of Diego Garcia. President Jimmy Carter sent special envoys to negotiate the release of the crew members after being held captive for over two months.

See NBC News TV coverage of the attack here:

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  1. Xe Unity says:

    Medical officer Tom Wiemken is my cousin. Great man, told me stories about all this, I couldn't believe it. This is a great thing to find here, thanks to whomever posted this. Pretty shocking incident.

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