Fatal racing crash compilation

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Compilation of some of the most horrific deaths in racing history.
Rest In Peace

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28 Responses

  1. The Alabama Bushcrafter says:

    Tough shit for Dale Earnhardt, he was an asshole that finally got his come upings !! To hell with that asshole……

  2. John Richards says:

    Yeah, I guess it was inevitable somebody would stoop so low as to produce a video like this. No F1 fan wants to watch racers die. This video is strictly BY bottom feeders FOR bottom feeders. Enjoy watching the pornography of death that is entertaining only to the mindless. At least those racers HAD lives, which is more than I can say for any of you.

  3. John Catalano says:

    It's crazy to see what stairs can do to you

  4. Ace of Oculus says:

    Really…why do you have to show brutal ones, the families probably don't want to see their dead realitive flying through the air…

  5. F1 fan 3 says:

    The guys that disliked have no respect

  6. a mango pod says:

    About the crash at 1:35. The man who got hit had his leg ripped off along with his back broke. The driver who hit him was decapitated from the fire extinguisher he was holding.

  7. Vazerin says:

    4:30 even 60s people can record better than us, recording right up til the racer hit the camera man

  8. Jupiter MX says:

    1:37 The Most Horrible

  9. Sandeep Gaurav says:

    RIP to all the drivers

  10. Richard Head says:

    dale sr dead as hell

  11. Richard Head says:

    kevin ward dead as hell

  12. Neko Nominyan says:


  13. Jess says:

    Why did no one try to make an indestructible fuel tank until very recently? How many died before someone finally said "it's these ridiculous paper-thin fuel tanks that are killing everyone who survives the impact".

  14. HyperEetu says:

    Where is Henri Toivonen?

  15. SHM Fans says:

    0:15 dan wheldon 4ever

  16. heheh eheh says:

    One thing in common with these old crashes is FIRE! The old cars intentionally burst into flames when having a mechanical fault, so the spectators would easier know when a driver is out of the race

  17. Nascarlover 36773 says:

    6:26 that black car driver without an wikia was such an fucking moron to push him at the wall

  18. RapidDecisions says:

    "this is what everyone has feared." Horseshit, it is exactly why these races are televised and filmed. Otherwise it is the most boring, stupid activity in the world.

  19. Home Liker says:

    6:40 song name?

  20. Walter Skrzypek says:

    4:28 ….stop and look at what appears like a sinister face…freaky.

  21. Malik ElcoSS454 says:

    2:24 ; WTF who puts staircases in the way of race track dumm idea.
    5:26; Blaine won the race but lost his left @ the end

  22. Pipe Tunes says:

    Dale ain’t lost
    He’s FUKN dead
    In a fender bender no less

  23. Pipe Tunes says:

    Gordon Frowney

  24. Lickdapotroast 546 says:

    7:46 Lets have a moment of silence, for the people who lost their lives

  25. Joshua Green says:

    1:35 I feel he probably should've looked both ways before crossing

  26. StarFox85 says:

    R.i.p dear brothers and sisters

  27. Jared Antonio says:


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