FAST AS AIRPLANE! Russia’s New High-Speed Helicopter Almost Complete!

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20 Responses

  1. Sharon David says:

    When will the death star will be operational?

  2. Rob Moffit says:

    Modern armaments are about worthless with missiles everyone has now. All Navy's will sink first and fast!

  3. sherry Martin says:

    Bet Mr Putin get to Texas fast get Sharia ask Mr Mueller that. Clearance available

  4. Seven Wakenge says:

    All helicopters are useless before the sting missile

  5. Paul Kirk says:

    More bullshit putin is full of it

  6. Некий Некто says:

    This is a western fake.

    For Russia, it is not relevant.

  7. W-EagleOne Salvador says:

    US already created a fast helicopter ask John michael vincent he already fly one.

  8. Пальмы и Платаны says:

    Igor Sikorsky, who created the American helicopters, was a Russian aircraft designer. In the US he emigrated after the revolution.

  9. Leonid Shleymovich says:

    Condolences to test pilots of that thing.
    Many of them die before Russia would cancel this ambitious but unrealistic for Rusdian industrial base project.

  10. Linda Black says:

    This particular helicopter would revolutionize helicopter's as we know it . Good on Russia !

  11. paul norris says:

    V 280

  12. Omid says:

    it fucks Trump lol

  13. Kalash Operator says:

    How does Russia produce so many quality and advanced weapons with the small budget they have? It makes no sense. The US has an $700+ billion dollars budget, so does that mean Russia would be 14 times more powerful if it had the same budget as the US? Just imagine how powerful Russia would be if it doubled its’ military budget

  14. michael12991 says:

    America has Airwolf – stratospheric ceiling, stealth noise signature, a wide range of weapons and supersonic speed.

  15. Diz Zkl says:

    70,000 KPH ? Jet planes coudn't even do that.

  16. Aaron says:

    woAH, Though I would like to see how the thing would slow down.

  17. traptncage says:

    Was your channel in English-speaking ? Good captions a must.

  18. traptncage says:

    Beautifully designed to provide you with the new climatic weatherproof, fantastic

  19. Reinhard Gellen says:

    800 km per hour , kiss my !! Sweet dream and melody, meanwhile still cant equip Kamov helis with properly night vision targeting and Navi system !!
    This will have some miserable end as hundreds of similar projects in the former the Soviet Union.
    Btw , the old , Soviet-era helis , still fly for mother Russia ….

  20. Anna Rimovska says:

    amazing job………… Great Russia …………

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