Fairline Targa 43 Open | Review | Motor Boat & Yachting

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MBY’s exclusive test of the Fairline Targa 43 Open prior to its global launch at the 2018 Cannes Boat Show

Filmed by Paul Wyeth: http://www.pwpictures.com/

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6 Responses

  1. 75gromit says:

    Open, I dont think so, its a hard top with sunroof! Its a shame they dont make open sports cruisers anymore.

  2. tacodias says:

    Great upgrade on the sound! Congrats

  3. foxsux123 says:

    Amazing vessel, hard to believe only 46' overall. The fit and finish appears very well on camera.

  4. Aop Stoar says:

    Is there information for an aspiring cruiser what best value, best overall or cheapest harbors around the mediterrenean are? I would like to see a harbor on international waters where arghers, petites and slouches can meet. If you weld together old bulk carriers there can be a very sizable central (Waterworld) square protected from winds and on the outside you can have docking facilities. Being in international waters, taxes are favorable. With the right pressure on politicians around the world a new nation can be recognized. Free internet, of course.

  5. rzl_Aquafic says:


  6. okumonux says:

    Is the Ferretti 670 vid up anytime soon?

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