Facing Harsh Conditions In The Himalayas | Lessons From The Edge – Part 2

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Description: Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel smashed records on their 1504 km run across the Great Himalaya Trail overcoming a mixture of challenges including frost bite, injury and sleep deprivation.

On March 25, 2018, shortly after sunrise local time, Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel touched the border of Nepal and officially finished their Fastest Known Time (FKT) attempt of the Great Himalaya Trail – smashing Andrew Porter’s 2016 record of the same route by three days. Running a total of 1,504 km in a total of 25d 4h 24m, Ryan and Ryno set a new FKT record.

Over the course of 25 days, the two runners battled and overcame a mixture of challenges including frost bite, injury, sleep deprivation, and, in the last days, a violent gang. That said, together they pushed themselves forward, brought together by their equally fierce determination to power through and complete the epic run.


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28 Responses

  1. Najib El Maghraoui says:

    Vrry good

  2. P Billy says:

    Red Bull is ppl going to extremes, usually doing dangerous extreme skilled feats, snowboarding, downhill MTB, Freestyle BMX tricks etc…

    So WHY have you sponsored NInja the gamer who does none of the above…
    He streams games from the safety and comfort of his home, no risk, nothing extreme, unless you count how much Redbull he drinks to keep him alert for 16+hours of gaming, he is despite grinding, not the best at pro gaming, and you sponsoring him makes no sense to me,
    1 like= 1 hour of sleep for Ninja!
    For the haters, l have a crate of Red Bull to make me abnoxious and toxic, and rude, watching 200 ninja videos has given me an insight.
    To Redbull professional, risk takers, l Absolutely respect what you do! Peace !
    Ninja gaming is not Redbull material imho.

  3. roshan thapa says:

    Jaya nepal.

  4. Furby On Benzodiazepines says:

    1,504kms… that's pretty insane

  5. S says:

    shouldn't they have more body fat for that environment?


    Ryan Sandes nice!

  7. ellstacker adventures says:

    Fun to learn thanks

  8. MountKeverest says:

    These guys seem like idiots

  9. Benjamin gamer YT 478900 says:

    Sorry red bull

  10. BAO says:

    frozen fingers but have space to bring some red bull cans to the himalaya kk

  11. Suman Aryal says:

    Oh my extreme Nepal..

  12. Xxxmainmanxx x says:


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  14. Allu71 says:

    Cool video!

  15. Rodri Zero says:


  16. Black Hat Gaming says:

    I'm the first

  17. Rey Valentino says:


  18. banban says:

    I love red bull

  19. Zakaria Baliz says:


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  22. Dog & Baguette says:


  23. Thomas Auld says:


  24. Abdullah Irfan says:

    Where is this place

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  26. Super Stupid Mario says:

    Pin Meh

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