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This years Extreme Barbie Jeep Race at RBD was one for the record books with more drivers showing up than ever before and going all out for bragging rights and $200 cash! The Barbie Jeep Racing action on the downhill power wheels course was epic.
2013 Video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNwtII91COY

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30 Responses

  1. Eliane Maria de Oliveira says:

    voces sao muito bons like

  2. MurF. says:

    This looks so fun

  3. captain k'nuckles says:


  4. God Bless America #1 says:

    I laughed with tears pouring. LMAO They’re hauling some ass. Awesome video

  5. convex says:

    This was the gnarliest course for sure

  6. Rameshwer Dayaal says:

    mudit Kumar

  7. angelica springate says:

    What do you have in that

  8. Charlie Brooker says:

    What a waste of kids toys

  9. Matheus Augusto says:


  10. grandprismatic says:

    Had to watch again

  11. Junior Valentine says:

    "Hey man, watch dis shit!!!"

  12. MOTO BEAST says:

    were has this shit been all my life

  13. Hobbes says:

    Does god stay in heaven because he fears what he created?

  14. R Gray says:

    This made me laff my ass off !!

  15. Joshua .j says:

    jus jokes

  16. Joshua .j says:

    this is such a awful vid

  17. Crazygamer43 Plays says:

    This is what should be what everybody is watching

  18. Jerry Davi says:

    I want to join in the fun! Where do I sign up at??

  19. joel garner says:

    this is why women live longer than us

  20. Pickle Mickle says:

    Fuck yea, straya all the way

  21. Henry says:

    With these upgrades you never stood a chance

  22. Henry says:

    Where do I sigh up?

  23. Majid Mehmood says:

    why theyy riding on baby cars why is that

  24. j no says:

    its a shame a kid in africa could have ate those power wheels

  25. Дмитрий yozz says:


  26. Dustin Roe says:

    this should be a pro sport. I would definitely watch this over any sport any day lol

  27. PITviper217 says:

    I wanna do this now lol

  28. Mr. Muf man says:

    I LOVE the Barbie jeep racing videos, plz keep making these videos, I think they're so funny

  29. TR3S Clan says:

    lol. I want to do this

  30. Arthur José says:

    where is this?
    I want to participate…

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