Evel Knievel at Caesars Palace

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Evel Knievel’s most famous fall. Attempting to clear the fountains at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

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  1. Walt Wagner says:


  2. Karudu says:

    This is why wearing a helmet is cool…..less cool is not wearing a helmet and a head splashing like a water melon….remember kids…

  3. Charleybones says:

    In 1969, Knievel used the Laverda American Eagle 750cc motorcycle between December 1969 and April 1970. On December 12, 1970, Knievel would switch to the Harley-Davidson XR-750, the motorcycle in which he is best known for jumping. Knievel would use the XR-750 in association with Harley-Davidson until 1977. However, after his 1977 assault and conviction of Shelly Saltman, Harley-Davidson withdrew their sponsorship of Knievel.
    Thanks for correcting me Davidc…

  4. Charleybones says:

    Took this from Wiki.
    Knievel began his career on the Norton Motorcycle Company 750cc. He used the Norton for only one year during 1966. Between 1967 and 1968, Knievel would jump using the Triumph Engineering Co Ltd Bonnevile T120 (with a 650cc engine). Knievel used the Triumph at the Caesars Palace crash on New Years Eve 1967. When Knievel returned to jumping after the crash, he used Triumph for the remainder of 1968.

  5. Charleybones says:

    Knievel jumped here using a Harley Davidson hardtail (no rear shock).
    Bikers today use little off road bikes with big shocks to cushion the impact.
    Back then , when technology was still primitive and no one thought something like this was even possible you had to have real balls to even think of trying something like this.
    Evil died because of his long term bodily injuries from falls like this.
    I don't even like the guy. I do respect the guts it took to do something like this for money.

  6. drummer703 says:

    Hey! did i turn off the iron?

  7. carrieboo22 says:

    Nah. He died last year. Poor health, not crazy stunts ended Evel's life. I think he was about 70.

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