Dramatic helicopter rescue: Pilot flies within inches of mountainside to rescue French skier

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Courtesy: Nicolas Derely

Rescue of an injured skier from the Pass of Anterne in Passy, France, was caught on camera on January 2. It shows the amazing precision of the pilot as the chopper’s rotor blades spin just mere inches from the mountainside.

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27 Responses

  1. Doug B says:

    In one minute, thirty seconds that pilot and crew pick up four people. That is amazing mountain rescue flying, taken to a whole new level. Bravo!

  2. Valorous says:

    Props to that pilot gg

  3. Dr. Maher Barsoum says:

    Who’s filming

  4. Kent Schultz says:

    Pilot made it look easy

  5. DIGGY DODGES says:

    SUFFERIN SUCCOTASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ro X says:

    That’s why a machine/AI can never even capable to do what men is capable of

  7. Yashwanth CB says:

    Who is recording

  8. suroj says:

    Stupid humans who identify as mountain goats.

    This is what happens…

  9. Bipolarbear 4873 says:


  10. ZeNoNClipZ says:

    me in gta online

  11. Lou Adzima says:

    I guess he knows his craft!

  12. French Viking says:

    French balls

  13. M D says:

    beautifully executed!

  14. KowSoy Kid says:

    No skier is worth risk like that.

  15. Serinna Howell says:

    Dude's a good pilot thank you

  16. Dutch van der linde says:

    Looks like something that would happen on gta

  17. tony torres says:

    And stupid..

  18. kevin burke says:

    This guy was born to fly, two thumbs up.

  19. Hellrock says:

    Those are balls of steel!!

  20. Farmmaster Führer says:

    Helicopters,for much more than dropping commies

  21. Georgij Agapov says:

    Wondering if this video is at all real. Downwash produced by helicopters rotor can knock a person off his feet. Yet in this video snow remains perfectly undisturbed.

  22. J. P. says:

    Why not secure the leg and use the hoist? Why risk losing life and the helicopter by doing this when clearly the hoist works?

  23. Buster 928 says:

    …meanwhile , somewhere in America a fat , lazy, unemployed 30 something is in the parents basement playing video games in his dirty underwear , screaming at this video…" I CAN DO THAT !! BIG DEAL !!!…"

  24. Livino Yatar says:

    He is one with the helicopter

  25. superfurball89onyoutube says:

    Mission passed

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