Does A Cold Air Intake Increase Horsepower-Car Mod

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In this video, I talk about whether or not a cold air intake increases horsepower. In addition to telling you the answer to the common question, I also speak about HOW a CAI increases horsepower and torque. I go over the basics of the car mod, as well as some of the technical aspects.

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27 Responses

  1. Need for Speed Passion says:

    I’ve seen many dynos with and without induction kits.The same car with the induction kit installed had more BHP and KW power

  2. Pino Ruffo says:

    If you own a tacoma..there is something in the fender that should be removed..and then vehicle will run more efficiently

  3. Angel Orozco says:

    Does a cold air intake give more HP?? u should of just said YES

  4. Angel Contreras says:

    Hey everybodyyyyy

  5. Arnold Baclig says:

    Cone head like a stock filter

  6. Milky Way says:

    This guy is an idiot

  7. RationallySkeptical says:

    David is correct. Putting a CAI on a stock engine will do absolutely nothing. By not telling ppl that CAIs only add power of the engine has been tuned, you're giving FALSE INFORMATION. And everyone else was also correct that said you speak like you're talking to retarded children or senior citizens with dementia.

  8. DIZZY KNUTSAK says:


  9. Des M says:

    it will make more power but it also can lose power if engine doesn't have the right temperature I had oem changed it to a open pod filter put on the ac since it's a electronic fan I can turn it on but it can turn on automatically aswell and it reacted better compared to a closed in air intake and you hook it up to a turbo and it really makes a difference aswell as having a turbo hooked up

  10. Thomas Goode says:

    if you run your car over 3000 rpm's then the cold air intake will work appropriately. if your car is a daily driver then you won't run it at 3000 rpm's therefore a cold air intake won't be any good for the engine.

  11. Nicholas Fernandez says:

    he looks like that one record guy from alvin and the chimpmumks

  12. 3SevenStangVids says:

    Funny, I just did a video explaining how aftermarket cold air intakes do NOT give you more HP then this showed up in my reccomended. Most cars are already designed to take cold air from the grille area. MOST aftermarket "cold air intake" replacements put an open filter element right inside the hot engine bay which starts sucking all that nice hot air. On top of that alot of the cheaper ones have a metal tube which warms the air up even more…. YES cold air is better for performance but most replacement cold air intakes that arent properly made result in higher ambient air intake temperatures… Gimme a break……

  13. Monty Dog says:


  14. Theodore says:

    omg…this dude…really?!

  15. Team666Ford says:

    CAI do absolutely nothing.
    just for looks

  16. Rxccode says:

    why do you talk like your talking to a bunch of preschoolers?

  17. Q u says:

    why. are. you. talking. to. me. like. i. am. retarded.?

  18. tankimus says:

    Actually it does add power but only approx 1%. Your cars computer regulates air fuel mixtures for every piston fire. Give the engineers more credit lol.

  19. DRD TRD says:

    it's all bullshit. they won't make any power. your factory box will provide the coolest most dense air. sucking in more air won't happen unless the vehicle is tuned to take in more air. if you tune for more air. guess what. tune for fuel as well. etc… intakes will not ever make additional HP without tuning your vehicle. I've been working on cars 16 years, drag racing for 15. might know a little bit about this…

  20. casey0012345 says:

    was thinks on keele at lawrence area in toronto?

  21. Robert Mcwilliam says:

    if that true then you get more horsepower if you someplace that is 0 degrees then you would if you live someplace that is 110 degrees sense the air is colder at 0 then 110

  22. Sp 485 says:

    right, except you will never decrease it enough to make a difference. at least not o any modern engine design. So in short, a cia will net you zero hp gains.

  23. Candice Williams says:

    This idiot apparently doesn't know engines don't "suck in" air. When the pistons get pulled down they create a void and then atmospheric pressure pushes the air into that void. That's why it's called "naturally aspirated" dummy. And yes, colder air does increase power but only a very small amount. Now cold "ram" air will definitely produce more power at very high speeds like 100 mph or more so ram air is worth it in that regard.

  24. Jeffrey JeffreyFLF says:

    cold air intake only UP the horsepower into 3

  25. Bizzenn1976 says:

    It doesn't increase enough to justify cost though. Maybe 4 percent

  26. GabeDay95 says:

    Ha. Uncle Ian off chipmunks

  27. Kenny Campbell Jr says:

    You're wrong dyno it I bet its the same as factory.

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