Doctor McWheelie and a speed boat. Car cartoons for children.

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Who’s visiting Doctor McWheelie’s garage today? Watch car cartoons for children in English and repair cars and trucks for kids with Doctor McWheelie on the KidsFirstTV channel for toddlers! Doctor McWheelie found a speed boat for kids on a beach. This kids’ vehicle has a big hole in it and it needs to be repaired. Car doctor, let’s repair the speed boat for kids together! Learn vehicles names, car and truck parts and fix vehicles for kids along with Doctor McWheelie!

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Repair cars and trucks for kids with doctor McWheelie

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  2. ТВ Деткам says:

    Новая серия доктора Машинковой на английском языке!

  3. Toy Stories says:

    Kids' learning videos with cars and trucks!

  4. TToyzz says:

    I like cartoons for babies!

  5. First Toons says:

    Repair cars and kids' vehicles with the car doctor!

  6. Doctor Mac Wheelie says:

    Learn kids' transport with doctor McWheelie!

  7. Clown Style says:

    Watch car cartoons for children!

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