Desert Storm Poker Run Speed Boat Crash

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While out at Lake Havasu for the 2013 Desert Storm Poker Run, we watched a spectacular speed boat crash. No one was hurt. We wanted to post this video is so everyone can see what happened.

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28 Responses

  1. nunyer beeznaz says:

    So, an intelligent individual would learn from making this horrible video one major hint about photography from a moving vehicle. NEVER WEAR YOUR FLAPPY NYLON JACKET,and remember to tuck everything in or DON'T WEAR IT !! NOBODY WILL NOTICE your lack of feng sui. And that way you won't sound like a kid with playing cards in the spokes yelling evil knevil !!!

  2. Mark Siegel says:

    Speeds are getting too fast for these types of events,last 3 years have been tragic at poker events around the States. Maybe its time too slow things down and eliminate the accidents that are causing too many deaths.

  3. william coe says:

    Shouldn't be driving that fast in water. Unless you have a death wish…can you stop your boat in a couple of boat lengths if there's a crash in front of you?NO… slow the fuck down

  4. john swanlund says:

    So let me get this straight. I have take a class, pass a test and show my proof of this to some jack hole to buy a gun but I can buy a Death Catamaran Boat (DCB) with no racing licence or training and punch the 2700 horsepower engines and do whatever the heck I want and kill others? Geniuses!

  5. Sandy Hayes says:

    The moron at 2:45 crossing the race path needs a boot to the back of his neck.

  6. Yokes27 says:

    2:45 boat barely makes it, from on the water probably was a lot closer. Is there no way to alert the drivers/boats that the accident is ahead? They come around the bend and looks like things could of gone real bad pretty quickly with the boats there to help with the wreck and then the racers making evasive moves at high speed to avoid both other racers and emergency response boats.

  7. Ray albarez says:

    Poker runs are just another name for lets go out and pretend to be boat racers, I've seen a lot of stupid people with lots of money and no common sense out there. Have no clue the amount of horsepower their boat has and how to use it in a fluid dynamic environment.

  8. Ben Vandervliet says:

    Cats do stay on top of the water a lot

  9. Bl4ckhound says:

    The last thing a cat owner says before he lands upside down in the water is "I wish I had bought a vee bottom".

  10. OFFICIAL P.T.G says:

    That's exactly why you don't go through another boats wake cause it'll end up causing a crash like that thankfully the guy was shot out the drivers seat when the boat tipped over

  11. Brendan Lazar says:

    Your a tard where's the crash

  12. grand master flash says:

    poker runs are just plain stupid!!

  13. Kyle Gibbons says:

    To be fair none of you have a clue what your talking about. The boat pack was going up the river around a left corner called pilot rock. Usually you have to funnel in as oncoming traffic is obviously on your left. No one cut anyone off, they merely bunched up for natural respect to other boaters on the lake not being involved in the poker run. The boat driver is at fault just as much as anyone, as  he got to close to the boat in front. Driving that close really changes the air quality in a catamaran hull, as well as the water difference behind another boat. Trying to skip out of there wake gives you a rush of air, and depending where the trim was at on the boat made for a quick surge of air I am assuming resulting in the flip. Think of drafting in NASCAR, the "slingshot" move… Anyways glad they are ok none the less. Desert storm poker run Is a Fantastic event… Been numerous times. Lots of nice big boats as well as some smaller ones with great drivers. Glad no one got hurt and the event still occurs on a yearly basis! DCB is my favorite boat….

  14. Dawgbone Johnson says:

    It would be nice if this clip had not been edited at 18 seconds. The complete footage would show the that the boat on the right cut left in front of the boat that flipped taking away his line through the turn causing him to go through his wake !!!!!!!! This clip was unaltered just after it happened, but politics found its way in.

  15. Trent Watkins says:

    Boat name was 69

  16. Adventuredad says:

    That's crazy, what's the FIRST RESPONDER time out there for something like that?

  17. As Above So Below says:

    Is your zoom button broke or are you shooting with a fixed lens.

  18. RSBSTEADICAM says:

    Yea you almost… actually… sort of… covered the flip! Too bad you're such a poor camera operator flown by a pilot who's asleep.

  19. rubenator6 says:

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  20. Brad B. says:

    Unreal that he tried to lane change in the middle of that pack….. Lucky he and his passenger arent dead. Crappy way to start an event, but glad everyone was ok! Did anyone see the boat cutting across to go help when the second pack almost cut him in two? Lucky Lucky

  21. CHELANBUTTE says:

    maybe turn the sound off next?

  22. thegoof529 says:

    I think you mean, Swam away… unless they can walk on water

  23. Jason Jones says:

    What do you do after your M-35 Bucks you? You go to the Turtle and have a drink.

  24. Clay Talk says:

    Both of them walked away

  25. sswhaat says:

    Camera must have no zoom huh?

  26. Offshorejojo Jo Jo says:

    Great to hear!Nice boats Be safe!!

  27. RogerThat Images says:

    Yes, there were 2 people in the boat and both were ejected, but they are OK.

  28. Offshorejojo Jo Jo says:

    Wow everybody ok????

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