Delamar Dry Lake Landing Strip Flight Operations

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Video by Airman 1st Class Julian Kemper and Airman 1st Class Megan Qualls 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

USAF Weapons School Squadrons performing combined unit and CSAR exercises at the Texas Lake Dry Lakebed at the Nevada Test and Training Range

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6 Responses

  1. effonefiddy productions says:

    Why does the title say Delamar dry lake bed but in the description it says Texas dry lake bed? I know where Delamar dry lake bed is but how close can the public get to that dry lake bed?

  2. Rmenear3 says:

    Where is this at?

  3. Henry Reed says:

    First time I saw a C-17 the pilot and crew did a FOD walk before moving the aircraft on the taxi way.
    Times have changed.

  4. Bob Loblaw says:

    It's kinda funny to see F-16s take off just blasting everything with their sound, then an A-10 takes off with a quiet little buzz. The A-10 sounds really cool.

  5. TheRibbonRed says:

    1:04 is that a stall warning?

  6. Green Shark says:

    Amazing a-10 sound

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