Defence Updates #480 – Army Apache Helicopter, Navy Air-Droppable Containers, Army New Sniper Rifles

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Top 5 Latest Indian Defence News Headlines on today’s “Indian Defence Updates” episode are as follows :

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1. Indian Army Will Get New Sniper Rifles By January 20, Says General Bipin Rawat.
2. Indian Navy Tests Indigenous Air-Droppable Containers For Logistics Support.
3. Forty Indian Air Force Officers Serving At The Training Station In Hyderabad Reportedly Broke Security Rules.
4. Will Be Too Late If Work Doesn’t Begin On Incorporating AI Into Armed Forces’ System: General Rawat.
5. Army & Air Force Discussing Control Of Attack Helicopters : Bipin Rawat

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Hello Defence Lovers, #DefenceUpdates ke is episode No. 480 mai humne apko Indian Armed Forces se related latest Top 5 Indian Defence News & Updates btayi hai, Hume Umeed hai ki apko yeh episode pasand ayega.

In today’s fresh “Defence Updates” episode No. 480 we have shared some latest Indian Defence Updates about the Great Indian Armed Forces which consists of Indian Army, Indian Air Force & Indian Navy.
Here are the Top 5 Latest Indian Defence News Headlines for today in Hindi. Join us as we take a closer look at the Defence Updates #480.

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This video shares today’s Latest Indian Defence News & Updates where Each & Every Indian Defence News & Indian Defence Updates are covered.

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27 Responses

  1. Defence Squad says:

    #MustWatch : Malaysia Wants LCA-Tejas For It's Light Combat Fighter Contract? Watch Here :

  2. every all knowledge says:

    INS Savitri

  3. True love says:

    HSL established in 1934, and Godavari was frist Warship made in India

  4. True love says:

    Type 054A Chinse vs Talwar Indian par ek video banao na

  5. Rajveer Sandhu says:

    I am proud to be Indians

  6. Mihir Soni says:

    ।। भारत माता की जय ।।

  7. Mihir Soni says:

    ।। वन्दे मातरम् ।।

  8. Mihir Soni says:

    ।। जय हिन्द ।।

  9. CT says:

    Samaz nhi aya RFP ki last date Dec me thi………..
    To sniper rifle select aur deal kabb hui vo bhi itne zaldi yaa ye contract directly hui

  10. Abhijeet Bhagwat says:

    Question.. Barret USA or UK main Banta Hai.. Kya caliber Hai.. Nato friendly round Hai kya?

  11. aditya rajput says:

    Support Uri movie

  12. Rahul Sohal says:

    Kitni sniper army ko Milya gii

  13. Sudipta kumar Hazra says:

    Ab Pakistan ke border security forces ko khatam kor do with new sniper riffles..but iska range apna nehi bola disappointing..

  14. iprn plus says:

    dear please ab army chief ki colonel wali image na dikhaya kre because now he is cheif.

  15. nath movie says:

    Bla zindabad

  16. musa abdul khaleeq says:

    Good video bro

  17. Vikram bhagat says:


  18. gunjan sharma says:

    Specify the sniper rifle and compare it with Pakistani rifle.

  19. priti saklani says:

    My favourite YouTube channel ♥️

  20. Genaji Thakor says:

    We must buy ' Barrett M 107 A1'

  21. Sourav Roy says:

    What is the reng of new sniper rifles……

  22. ashutosh trivedi says:

    Hamara agni 6 kab aayega sir

  23. Lakshman Patro says:

    जय हिंद

  24. Raj Prakash says:

    Bro, what's it name

  25. Sourav Roy says:

    Make a video on new sniper rifles …. plz bro

  26. Amit Kumar says:

    Rapid decision on sniper rifles and assault rifles, good work by Modi government

  27. Pakistan Murdabad 2020 says:

    Defense Squad
    please video on
    Chinese LY80 Vs S400
    Chinese LY80 vs Aad BMD
    porkis Troll India and Say LY80 is better than S400
    please reply to Porkis

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