China DF-26 missiles, T-129 Attack Helicopter, Military Container, Apache & Chinook Helicopter, IDZ

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China DF-26 missiles, T-129 Attack Helicopter, Military Container, Apache & Chinook Helicopter,

Indian Defence Zone

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Top Latest Indian Defence News Headlines on today’s #DefenceUpdates episode on 11/01/2018 are as follows :
1. US Sanctions by Trump on Pakistan cancels T-129 Attack Helicopter deal with Turkey
The ink was still drying on Turkey’s deal with Pakistan for 30 T129 tactical reconnaissance and attack helicopters when it appeared US sanctions could jeopardise the sale. Alan Warnes reports.

US export licenses could be declined for the tactical reconnaissance and attack helicopters T800 turboshaft engines produced by the Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company, a joint venture between Rolls-Royce and US company, Honeywell.

2. Indian Navy Tests Indigenous Air-Droppable Containers for Logistics Support
The containers, domestically developed by the country’s defence research body, could drastically improve ships’ deployment duration on missions.

In what may provide a major boost to India’s operational logistic capability in the Indian Ocean Region, the Indian Navy has conducted successful trials of the Sahayak air droppable containers. The containers were successfully dropped at the intended location from IL-38 aircraft off Goa in the Arabian Sea during the trials, according to the navy.

3. Army, Air Force discussing control of Attack Helicopters : Bipin Rawat
The Indian Army is in a tussle with the Indian Air Force over who will control the attack helicopters, including the Apaches, which the army believes is better grouped with its strike formations.

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat here on Thursday said that the army is in discussions with the air force over who will control these helicopters. The development follows a similar tussle between the two services over the Apaches in the past.

While addressing the army’s annual press conference, Rawat, however, said that the two services are reaching a consensus on what will be role of the Apaches. While asserting that it is a “tank killer”, he added that it needs to be grouped with the army’s strike formations and will provide necessary support for mechanised (tanks, infantry combat vehicles) columns.

4. China activates ‘ship killer’ DF-26 missiles after ‘sink two carriers’ threat
Beijing has moved to make good on its threat to ‘sink two aircraft carriers’, stating it has activated ‘ship killer’ ballistic missiles in response to a US Navy challenge earlier this week.

The state-controlled Global Times news service overnight reported its newest ballistic missile weapon system, introduced as recently as April last year, are being deployed to positions best suited at striking vessels in the East and South China Sea.

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